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Headband Earphones


Who has trouble falling to sleep? and has to listen to some kind of music at night. Having ear buds in all night can cause some major issues later on with your ears. Now there is something that’s great for both adults and children. Cozy phones come in adult and children, and are so soft,


Headbands that double as earphones. What more can you ask for? And with animal faces. I know my youngest would absolutely go crazy for this. He is into monkeys, especially. So this would be the best gift for him. And he keeps his tablet with him as he has anxieties so he listens to calming music when he has an attack. It is so much easier for him to deal with this headband than to have to bother with regular headphones and the cords. Sometimes the cord is too long and sometimes they are too short. So frustrating especially for him. And now he can wear his headphones around the house, school and the bus- which is where his anxieties really act up with all the noise and bustle.

Of course, I need to get two more as soon as I can. I have three kids and if you have are know what siblings are like they want what the other has. So, I need to get two more and each with a different animal so they each have their own so there won’t be any fights about which one belongs to who.


I really like that the headband is built tough and the cord is durable. It will not twist, kink or break under normal use. I just may get a second headband for each child just in case.


I will be telling all my family and friends especially my mommy friends about this headband. I know they are all going to love this product especially the ones whose children have anxieties and sensory issues as the cord is not bothered anymore.  They even have these for the adults minus the animal faces. I know what my husband and I are getting for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year.


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