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Headphones That Give You Three D Sound Shivr

When it comes to this family, we all love to listen to music, some way more then others and they tend to play it a little louder than others. For me having a great pair of headphones is the answer, and have found SHIVR. What makes these so different from other headphones, first is that they are the world’s top active noise reduction technology, the noise reduction ability is comparable to the world’s top brands.

Having a DJ in the house who knows all about music and headphones, says these will give you an unbelievable 3D experience, cinema level listening enjoyment. He used them to watch a movie on the laptop and said it was like he was in the movie, are they comfortable very much so. Extremely expensive materials guarantee unmatched comfort. Yamaha sound field technology is especially supported.


Immersive audiophile sound powered by custom gyroscope| Ultra-comfortable after long-time wearing| Hybrid active noise cancellation, who can ask for more in a pair of headphones. We love these and use them on a regular basis, from listening to music or watching a movie on the laptop.

Traditional two-channel audio only delivers sound from the left and right side, but in real life, we can identify sounds from various directions, distances, and the surrounding environment. Real sounds mix as they bounce off walls, floors, and ceilings, and gives us a feel of room size and the materials within it.

Enable you to listen to music comfortably for hours. The ear padding is excellent and blocks out the sounds from leaking. Everything you need is in the package and you will be happy you have a pair. Listening to music has never been better, we love that they block out the other noises around us so we are listening to what we want and not all the other music around us. For your pair head on over and check out SHIVR, will make you say aww.