Health and Nutrition Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers

Quality nutrition is essential for nursing mothers to provide enough nourishment for both mom and baby. Mothers in the postpartum period and beyond who choose to nurture their baby with a breast milk diet should be aware of the best practices to ensure good health and continual wellness.

To help clear the air of some common misconceptions about breastfeeding and boost your confidence, we’ve compiled a list of top health and nutrition tips for breastfeeding mothers. Consider the following recommendations to reap the benefits of breastfeeding for yourself and your child.

Focus On Fuel: Nutrient-Rich Foods

Breast milk is your baby’s first source of nourishment. But what are you consuming at this time? Making healthy food choices is key to fueling milk production, avoiding illness, and maintaining strength. You can do so by choosing a variety of nutrient-rich foods that support a healthy eating style. A well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and dairy is a good foundation.

Breastfeeding mothers do not need to stick to a special diet. Yet, keep in mind that breastfeeding burns extra calories, so now is not the time to limit your intake. If you could benefit from guidance or support, talk to your doctor to establish a regular routine or healthy meal and snack schedule that works well for you.

Increase Water Intake To Maintain Hydration

Do you find yourself feeling thirstier than usual? There’s a reason why—breastfeeding mothers need to stay adequately hydrated for optimal health and nutrition. Guzzling extra fluids may not assist in boosting milk supply, but the regular action certainly helps with childbirth recovery. Not to mention supplying a reliable increase in energy.

Stick to water and basic beverages to quench your thirst. As a tip, try to sip on water throughout the day and drink a full glass every time you nurse or pump milk. Also, limit drinks with caffeine, added sugar, or alcohol. Only consume these drinks in moderation after breastfeeding.

Be Diligent About Your Mental and Physical Health

Wellness as a breastfeeding mother is about more than nutrition. You must take good care of yourself to maintain your mental and physical health. During this time of early parenting, breastfeeding and taking care of a baby can deplete your energy, heighten stress levels, cause frustration or confusion, and lead to aches and pains.

If things are feeling difficult, learn to rest. Ask for support from a lactation consultant or healthcare professional. Reach out to family and friends. Get some fresh air. Do things that make you happy. You’re not alone, and with patience, practice, and time, you will reap the joyous rewards of motherhood.

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