Healthier Ice Cream For A Happier You

Disclaimer: I was provided the ice cream pints shown, free of charge, to faciliate review. All sundae toppings were purchased by me, out of my own pocket. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

I love a good, smooth ice cream or gelato as an occasional dessert or late-night snack. Since this is not an every night indulgence for me, I am willing to pay more for the ice cream brands and flavors that I love.

Halo Top Ice Cream is not only delicious, it is also a good option for those who love ice cream but are also concerned about living a healthier, happier lifestyle. No need to deprive yourself or justify splurging by adding extra minutes or reps to your workout routine here! Halo Top Ice Cream varieties are all 100% organic, made with all-natural ingredients, filled with six grams of protein, contain four grams of fiber and only 60-80 calories per serving. Yes, you heard that right. All good, and no compromising! If you are like me and have very little self-control, you can even make the entire pint (which contains four servings) all yours and binge eat while watching TV or funny cat videos online as you mindlessly consume the entire thing without feeling guilty. Because, even if you eat an entire pint, you will only be consuming 240-280 calories.

My daughter really loves chocolate ice cream. She'd eat it every day if I kept it around on a regular basis. I think she ate most of the two pints of chocolate Halo Top ice cream all by herself (spread out over multiple evenings, of course). She really enjoyed it, especially that it is organic and low in sugar. She isn't a health nut, per se, but she does generally choose healthier food options regularly. I have no idea where she gets that habit from, since I'm a well-known chocoholic and all around lover of sweet and salty snacks. I do limit the amount of snacks I buy, so that I don't eat too many of them, so there's that. I try to be healthier, I really do.

I made brownies one evening for dessert and decided to get some ice cream and toppings to make ice cream brownie sundaes. I headed to my local Kroger grocery store to see what fun sundae toppings I could find. I found these great sprinkles, chocolate caramel & sea salt sauce and my daughter talked me into also getting some marshmallow topping.

Halo Top Ice Cream

So, after dinner, we got to work on the sundaes. Here's the finished product…

Halo Top Ice Cream

It was delicious. I admit, I ended up having brownie sundaes after dinner three nights in a row (small servings, nothing outrageous!). As having dessert is a fairly rare occasion in our house, this was a totally indulgent few days!

Halo Top Ice Cream, in addition to chocolate and vanilla bean, comes in other great flavors, including lemon cake, strawberry, mint chip, chocolate mocha chip and birthday cake! You can find them in the natural foods section, to find a retailer near you that carries Halo Top Ice cream (or purchase online) check out the links below.

What flavor of Halo Top Ice Cream would you be excited to try first? I'm gonna give the chocolate mocha chip a whirl next!

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