They are many responsibilities when owning a dog or cat. Keeping up with their vaccinations is key. Also caring for them and giving them the healthiest foods to ensure that. We treat them and love them like family. Always wanting the best for them. Dogs and cats are like babies you never really know what they want. But as you get to them you start knowing their personality and their wants.

I have 2 fur babies Gizmo and Brooklyn. They are the sweetest babies ever. They have been eating the same dog for many years. All this time I thought it was healthy and they enjoyed their food. Until I started giving them fresh pet, it was visible that all this time I was giving them the wrong pet food. They seem more happy, energetic and are relieving themselves a lot better. I tested my fur babies out and gave them their regular food and Fresh pet they avoided the foods that I normally gave them and ate fresh pet

Fresh pet uses organic products only. They believe that dogs and cats should have the best foods to live a longer and happier life. Who doesn’t want a happy dog or cat? Their foods consist of Chicken, carrots, chicken broth, peas, eggs, chicken liver, brown rice, and many more nutrients. It is sad that for all these years my fur babies were not getting all their nutrients from the foods I had given them.

When opening the doors to your fur babies make sure you can give them all the love and most of all a balanced and healthy meal. The same way we must do the same with ourselves. Fresh pet offers your pets the best organic meal a pet can have. Like I specified before when they eat good, they are so much happier.

If you want to keep your pets happy and healthy go try out Fresh Pet, you will not regret it.


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