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Healthy Snacking with Country Archer

Country Archer Jerky

Spring is nearly here, which means families will be looking forward road trips, hiking, camping, sporting events and more. All those activities usually leads to a lot of snacking. I know when we are on road trips there is usually a bag full of snacks floating around the car. I try to keep it somewhat healthy,  but that can be a challenge. There are only so many foods that do not require refrigeration for long periods of time and are healthy. Country Archer has a full line of jerky and bars that are full of protein and not all the junk.

Country Archer JerkyCountry Archer contains no preservatives, msg or nitrates in any of their meat. They also only use meat that is free from antibiotics and hormones. Plus they are gluten-free. As they say; more meat, less bull. No junk.

Country Archer has taken jerky and meat bars and stepped it up a level.  You won’t find these flavor combinations elsewhere. They have six flavors of beef jerky and two turkey jerky flavors. That’s a wide variety! And there are also 3 flavors for the bars.

Beef Jerky Flavors –




Sweet Jalapeno

Crushed Red Pepper

Mango Habanero

Turkey Jerky Flavors – 

Hickey Smoke

Honey Dijon

Bars – 

Cayenne (beef with pork)

Sweet BBQ (pork)

Herb Citrus (turkey)

Country ArcherWith all that variety, your whole group should be happy. Plus they are relatively low-calorie snacks. Bars come in at 110-140 calories and a serving of jerky has 70-90 calories (each bag has 3 servings). All of Country Archer products are full of protein.

Another little fun fact out Country Archer is they have been around since 1977 and still make their jerky in small batches. And all of Country Archer’s products are made here in the United States. In San Bernardino, California to be exact.

If you are looking for a high protein, flavorful and healthy snack option, look no further. Country Archer works well for any adventure you have planned this summer. Just toss it in your backpack or bag and off you go. Country Archer is available at Target, Kroger, Vons and other grocery retailers.  You can look up your nearest retailer online and then head to the store.

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