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Capture Your Baby’s Heartbeat

Heartbeat Animals

Some women only get pregnant once, some many times. But each time getting pregnant is a unique experience to that special baby and mother. And since each pregnancy only last 9 months, some mothers would like to commemorate the moment by capturing the heartbeat of their precious unborn child. I know for me, I cried when I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Although it was just a simple beat, it meant so much more to me. It was the life of my baby. Having a Heartbeat Animal is a fun way to capture the magic sound of your baby’s heartbeat.

Themed Animals

Heartbeat Animals are made by My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. They are a company that understands that moms know what it would mean to a child to be able to have a special stuffed animal that beats the sound of their own heart. It is comforting and quite cool. There are a variety of Heartbeat Animals to choose from as they represent different decor themes. I love the Elephant animal with it’s soft gray fleece. It is eleven inches in length and has a heart-shaped recorder.

animals 2

Recording Device

The heart-shaped recorder is what you would use to capture your baby’s heartbeat. You do this, by turning removing the plastic film and switching the choice to R for “recording”. Once you are at the ultrasound, you place the recording device near the heart-shaped recorder. Once done, you switch the choice to P, for “playback”.  I would recommend placing a tape over the switch to prevent it from shifting back to R, because that could accidentally record over your baby’s heartbeat. 

Don’t worry, because even when you need to change batteries for the recorder, your baby’s heartbeat will not be erased as long as the switch stays at P. Changing the batteries is an easy process that requires three LR-44 Button Cell batteries. Place the recorder into the velcro part of the back of your stuffed animal and it stays securely in place with a tie and the velcro closure. 

I know how comforting having a Heartbeat Animal is to both mother and newborn. A heartbeat is a bond that ties the mother and child together with love. Heartbeat animals are the perfect gift for baby showers. The company even has a free app that allows you to backup your baby’s heartbeat. How awesome is that?

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