Before receiving  Heat Holders socks to keep my feet  warm, I had never heard of the brand. I have tried non skid slipper socks, and fuzzy cashmere socks so I figured these would most likely be similar. I actually received this shipment quite a while ago. It was one of them, “I’ll put these in a safe place” kind of deals that has you going crazy trying to find them at a later date. When I found the bag, little did I know these socks would be so life changing!

Heat Holders socks were officially invented back in 2008 by an in-house team of product developers. Since their debut, these socks have sold over 10 million pairs worldwide! Their socks have a 2.3 TOG rating which is very impressive! This mean the Thermal Overall Grade is 7x warmer than the basic cotton socks! They are made of an acrylic, nylon, poly, and elastane fabric combination.

Advanced Insulating Yarn: Specially developed fibers insulate, and wick away moisture. Long Looped thermal Pile: Innovative knitting technology produces a unique pile to hold in warm air. Soft Brushed Inner: An intense brushing maximizes the amount of warm air in the socks.

. I loved the soft feel of the inside of these socks. The material is so comfortable, and feels luxurious! The great thing about these socks is that they are very long, and go half way up one’s shin. They are the perfect boot sock, and are not too thick. These will come in handy in the chilly winter months for shoveling snow! I know my in laws  who works outdoors some of the year will really appreciate these warm socks!

My uncle ended up taking them his feet are always so cold , its fine with me I have so many things I could use, he loves them and says ty

Heat Holders also makes tights, hats, gloves, and thermal underwear. It’s an entire family of warmth!

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