Hello kitty 2.1mp digital camera with changing faceplates. The 2 in 1 digital camera has a 1.5″ preview screen. It also includes 3 changing faceplates. The camera takes over 120 photos. There is no film needed. You can edit, create and print your pictures on templates. You can download the pictures directly to your computer. There are four creative activity centers. Frames, my diary, scrapbooks and stickers. This camera is very easy to use.
The package contains: digital camera with 3 faceplates, USB cable, snap and share software cd, user manual, 1 year warranty. Are and wrist strap.

The camera if very cute. I wanted to see if it would really hold 120 photos. It did! I was very pleased to see that the pictures came out clear. They were not blurry. The camera does not have a flash which, it could use. For your little girl taking pictures this is a perfect stylish camera.  They have man more different styles to choose from. This camera would make a great gift for the coming Holidays. For more information click here.

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