I think these are the cutest earphones Makayla loves them.These Sakar Hello Kitty Headphones are perfect for any little children’s little ears. These headphones have volume limiting technology, so they are safe for kids and are designed for ears ages 3-9!

They are built really well, and are very sturdy. They are also fairly large, so great for smaller hands! The ear cushions are light weight and also very comfortable so that any little girl would feel very comfortable wearing these,they will be able  to use them anywhere so that they can listen to whatever music they want to . They are  compatible with most portable devices such as Ipod, Ipad, Mp3 players, Iphones, smartphones and also tablets. As well as laptops, desktops, CD players and any other home device. The kids really like playing their iPads in the car. It hard to have a conversation as you hear their games and music playing. These are great for them to listen to their games and music.

They fit snuggly and comfortably on your child's head, which prevents slipping, dropping, headaches and uncomfortable listening experiences. They protect your little one’s ears with a volume control feature.

These headphones are available with other characters as well if your child likes Monster High, Spiderman, My Little Pony and more. They can be purchased on Amazon. Sakar provides a wide range of headphones in many different characters, colors, and designs! Check them out HERE

If your looking for that perfect Christmas Gift for your little, these headphones would be that perfect gift for that little girl.

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