Help improve your Little One’s Attention; 7 Mommy Tips

“Will you stop fidgeting and please finish your homework?”

I’m sure all you mothers have asked your children this at least a few times when they study. It is often a challenge for mothers to make their kids sit in one place and divert all their focus towards finishing the task that they are supposed to. Children are energetic and exuberant and you cannot expect them to completely concentrate. They are bound to get distracted by everything that’s going around them. Most of the kids suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The average age of ADHD diagnosis is seven years old. The symptoms of ADHD start as early as when a kid is 3-6 years old. However, there are ways that you can make your child concentrate.


 Below are some practices that you can employ to increase your child’s attention.


Playing Focus Games 

Children love to play. There is a reason that there are many educational games like numbers and alphabet games that are out there in the market which help your child to learn. It’s because children learn more by playing and it is always a great idea to make their activities a little more fun. You should start by getting rid of all the gadgets, tablets, and computers and letting your child play with regular toys. 


Some activities that you can engage your child in are thinking games. Crossword puzzles, jigsaws, and card games such as “Memory” and “Unu” actually improve your kids' attention towards numbers and pictures. While solving puzzles, the child focuses solely on getting each piece to fit right. Such kinds of activities can improve attention and increase concentration. Games that include spotting something different or arranging things in order like sequence games are also an effective way of getting your child to focus.


Distraction-Free Environment 

Environment plays a very important role in a child’s life. As a mother, you must make sure that when your kids are studying the atmosphere around them is calm. The first step here would be to understand the kind of environment your child needs and prefers to study in. Some kids are hyper all the time but there is something like music or their pet or a favorite toy that calms them down. 


Creating a quiet surrounding helps the child to concentrate on the work he is doing as there is a lack of distractions. Another point to note is that all the materials he needs to finish his work like books, pencils, crayons, and even a water bottle should be kept on the table or nearby. All this helps the kid to improve his focus and increase attention. 


A Healthy Diet 

If a child is hungry he will not be able to concentrate. Keep your kids' diet healthy as the diet has a direct link to how well a child focuses. There are different foods that can develop a child's concentration. Eating junk or sugar gives the child a sugar rush and increases his energy due to which he will act hyper. So it’s best to keep such kinds of foods away from him while he is studying. Give your child a diet that is rich in proteins such as almonds, meat, and eggs as these foods have the ability to raise awareness and increase focus levels. 


Use CBD products 

CBD has shown immense potential when it comes to treating various types of psychological and behavioral disorders Studies have shown that CBD can help ease the symptoms of ADHD. Various researches have shown that CBD oil is effective for anxiety which is a common symptom of ADHD. You can use 4 Corners Cannabis Coupon to order your product at a discount. CBD is an emerging face of modern medicine which is getting insanely popular. However, if you’re new then it would be advisable to start with the smallest dose. It’s advisable to consult your doctor before experimenting.


Proper Sleep/Rest  Schedule 

Setting a sleep schedule throughout the day will do wonders in your child’s life. All the children are full of energy and they still need proper sleep and rest. A well-rested child is likely to concentrate better. Along with the eight-hour sleep at night the kids also need rest throughout the day. A power nap for 20 to 30 minutes after your kid has returned from school or in the afternoon should do the trick to increase your child’s concentration. Make sure that before your child sits to study or does any work all his bathroom breaks and hunger pangs should be taken care of as they have a tendency to break the concentration.


Setting Short Term Goals 

Sitting through an entire chapter in one go is very difficult for a child. Completing a task in one go can be a challenge. It always helps if you break down the bigger task and set small goals for a child to accomplish. This is just not for studies but also for the household chores. When your child performs a big complicated task they Maison out and stop paying attention. To help them you can divide up the task and deliver instructions in small steps. For example, instead of telling your child to just go and clean the room, you can start giving him step-by-step instructions like pick up all your blogs and then clean your toys, make your bed. Breaking up tasks reduces the pressure on the child and he is able to concentrate better. 


Set A Reward System

Another way to boost up your kids’ attention span would be to set up a reward system. The rewards don’t have to be physical gifts like chocolates or toys et cetera. They can just be as simple as saying “good job! “or “you did great”. Hearing this from parents or teachers the motivation increases in the child. Every time he will do a task, he will concentrate on it better just to get the reward. It also shows the child that you appreciate whatever small task he has done and he will feel accomplished. 


Just like any other skill, concentration can also be improved and made automatic. The entire track is to be consistent. What your kids learn at a very young age they are likely to not forget. As a mother, you make sure that you give your child enough attention and also strengthen the relationship that you have with him. As they say, you need to give attention to get attention. 


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