High school can be one of the most exciting times in your child's life. It's the time when they can finally start to feel more grown up. They have more freedom and independence, and they're really starting to figure out who they are. At the same time, it can be a genuinely scary period for them as well. There are much heavier expectations on them than ever before, they're trying to navigate complicated social situations, and they still have to deal with the fact that they're not really adults yet. All while their bodies are changing in ways that they don't really understand. Because of that, it can often feel like your child isn't really that happy during their high school days. However, it's not so much that they're unhappy, it's that the stress and pressure that they often have to deal with can overshadow the good times. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can help your child really cherish their high school days.


Get them involved in things



There's a stereotype of a high school student that most people tend to buy into of the surly teenager who never wants to do anything and spends all of their time in their room being antisocial. Now, there are certainly kids who are like that, but the truth is that most high school students desperately want to be involved in things. Whether that's clubs, teams, or any other extracurricular activities. Not only are these kinds of things fantastic for helping them make friends and get out of the house, but they can also help to guide young people in the direction that they might want to take. Who knows where discovering a passion for poetry, music, or football might lead them! Of course, don't try to push them to do too much. It might not seem like it to you as an adult, but there's a lot of pressure on kids in high school, and you don't want to end up with your child getting so exhausted that their schoolwork or health actually starts to suffer for it.


Help them record their experience


Kids these days have access to so much technology that adults now could never have even dreamt of at their age. Now, you might find yourself struggling a lot with your teenager and their attachment to their phone, but the truth is that they're often making memories and recording them on those devices. If you want to help your child make the best memories possible then, it's okay to allow them to do that. In fact, you can help them hold onto their experience by recording it too. Sure, kids might turn their noses up at you desire to photograph them or shooting home movies, but having the chance to look back at themselves in their prom dresses or just spending time with their friends is something that they're going to really appreciate down the line. Just try not to let them spend every second on their phone if you can!


Let them be independent


One thing that just about every high school student has in common is the desire to be independent. They want to start being able to explore the world, test boundaries, and figure out their place in society. The idea of this might be pretty scary, but the truth is that you simply cannot help them do this if you're constantly hovering over their shoulder all of the time. You might be used to needing to constantly protect them but, if you've done a good job up until now, there's a good chance that your child is going to know how to take care of themselves pretty well. Sure, you may have to step in from time to time. After all, there's a big difference between being independent and being totally out of control. But for the most part, there's a good chance that you can trust your child to make the right decisions as they feel their way around the world on their own for the first time.


Be there for them



As grown up as they might seem, your child is still just a kid when all is said and done. Because of that, there are still going to be times in their life where they really just need you to step in and help them. Their hormones are going to be going pretty crazy so their emotional state could well be all over the place. It's your job to have patience with them and help to guide them through this scary and difficult time in their lives. From arguments with friends to fears about the future to first loves and first heartbreaks, there's a lot resting on your child's head during this period, and you need to make sure that you're there for them through all of it. Of course, this might not necessarily mean that they want you to be there. Often high schoolers really just want to be left alone. But the important thing is that they know you're there if they do need you. No matter how much teenagers might scream and yell at their parents, they do so because they know they're in a place where they can let out their emotions while still knowing that they have somewhere safe to call home.


Of course, one thing that you have to understand is that your child might simply not like high school. At all. Some kids just hate it. They don't find people who they connect with, the teachers don't really know how to figure them out, perhaps they struggle with the academic side of thing, or maybe they excel, but that leaves them feeling bored. It's okay if your child really doesn't enjoy their high school experience. As long as you're there for them to fall back on and to support them no matter what, they're going to be okay. Besides, most people realise pretty soon into adulthood just how unimportant high school really is in the grand scheme of things.


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