I love tech stuff.  I am just amazed at how much things can do these days.  There is something for everything, and I love it all.  I love using them and playing with them and trying all the new gadgets out.  There is so much out there that I never knew I needed until I try it and see how great it is and how it saves me time and effort.

The Connect Sense Smart Outlet gives you the power to control and monitor your plugged in devices. It connects to your Wi-Fi and has an app that you can use on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.  It also responds to Siri so you can control it with your voice! You can configure the app to control your lights, lock your doors, and other things!  Even when you are not home you  can turn on your lights or turn them off at your will, or you can have it done automatically at a certain time.  Just think how handy it will be for decorations – I cannot tell you how many times I forget to either turn them on or off, this way I just set a turn on time and shut off time and I do not have to worry about it anymore!

Now this next tech gadget is awesome.  Your children are using the internet and it is very hard to keep tabs on what they are doing once they are on.  Even if you look through their history by the time you find out where they have been, that is exactly the problem, they have already been there.  Kindera protects your children online. You control their internet.  It's wonderful.  I know I used to have to tell my child to get off the device or computer at least 5 times before they actually listened.  It would get to the point where I had to physically take their device and sometimes I would be in the middle of something and by the time I remembered, it was later than it should have been.  With Kindera, I can control what time the internet is “off.”  It saves on a lot of yelling and frustration.  You can set a rating (G, PG, PG14, R, or NC17) and any inappropriate websites will be blocked according to your rating.  You can also control how long they are on, so if they spend way too much time during the day looking at the internet, you can set a timer where they will only be allowed that certain amount of time and the best part is, you don't lose track of time, it is just done for you automatically based on your setting.  In this day and age where you can find anything on the internet, it is a wonderful tool to get some control back as far as that is concerned. Have you been looking for the latest things in technology Mobile Mob, has some of the newest and latest in electronics and more.

Speaking of devices, they always end up dying on me.  I am at the zoo taking pictures with my phone and I get low battery.  I am using my device while waiting somewhere and I get low battery.  myCharge is a great tech gadget for exactly those instances.  You charge it, and in turn it can charge 2 devices at a time – phones, tablets, laptops – so once it is charged, you just slip it in your purse or stash it in your car and when you get the dreaded low battery message you just plug it in and it will charge it up.  No outlet needed!! Plus, it charges faster than charging it through an outlet, and it can last for multiple charges with one charge so perfect if you are camping and there is no outlet available for you for a long period of time.

I like to listen to music when I exercise.  The only problem is, the stupid ear buds will NOT stay in my ears – it is so frustrating that they keep coming out and I have to stop and put them back in.  That is why I love RunPhones. You just plug them in, put the headband on, and you are set – you can run, jump, do sit-ups, dance, whatever it is that you want, and your RunPhones will stay put.  No more worrying about ear buds falling out!  My ear buds can even fall out when I am doing some cleaning around the house.  It is annoying and now I can vacuum, dust, and move around freely and I know I will not have to fuss with my ear buds over and over again.  The headband is machine washable too so no need to worry about it getting dirty!

Activity trackers are all the rage now.  However, not every single one does everything I want it to.  Hauwei Fit does everything, and I do mean everything.  It tracks your activity, monitors your heart rate, monitors your sleep, even has an alarm to wake you and can give you notifications from your favorite apps.  It looks like a watch so it even has the time on it.  I know that when I was searching for an activity tracker many of them you could not use when swimming.  Guess what?  This one you can.  It can last up to 6 days on a charge.  It also alerts you to move if you have been inactive for a period of time, and on the flip side, if you are working too hard and your heart rate goes too high it will alert you of that too so you can tone it down. It even has changeable bands!

Check out all the cool tech gadgets available that will make your life easier (or help it!).  It's amazing at what these gadgets can do, and it is amazing that you never even realized you needed them until you have them and see how great they are and how much they help you with your everyday life!


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