Helpful Tips for Beginner Action Figure Collectors

Helpful Tips for Beginner Action Figure Collectors
Action figures are incredibly fun and exciting to find and collect, especially when you find enviably rare ones. Though it is an enjoyable lifelong hobby, everyone must start somewhere. Discover these helpful tips for beginner action figure collectors.

Learn the Landscape

First things first, action figure collectors must know about action figures in general. There are many figure styles and shapes that manufacturers stick to—Funko and FiGPiN are two that stay in their lane when it comes to style. Furthermore, each action figure comes with a different material type, so peruse the levels of rigidity, durability, and artistry.

When you understand what style you like, you should think about the condition you want as well. The more preserved the item is, the more expensive it will be—untouched mint in sealed box condition items are worth more than back in the box items. You should also keep up with the most popular action figures to collect, so you understand the landscape of well-loved items.

Develop a Theme

After getting a lay of the land, you can move on to building your collection. In your mind, recall all the things you loved about the pieces and collections you’ve seen. Did you prefer a certain style or type? A particular color or shape?

From there, you can develop a theme in your collection. You can commit to a franchise, like Star Wars, and collect all the items you can find in that arena. Or you can commit to an aesthetic, like Funko POP!, whose figures have oversized heads and rounded features. No matter what you choose, you must have a theme.

Find a Fandom

Almost every anime, science fiction, and toy manufacturer have a fandom. People write fan fiction, chat online, meet up for LARP events, and attend conventions together. Joining a fandom is the perfect way to learn more about your favorite franchises and find inspiration for new collector’s items.

Knowing these helpful tips for beginner action figure collectors will help you build a fantastic array of colorful, fun action figures. Once you get going, you can decide the direction you want to go and what items belong on your shelves.

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