Helpful Tips to Start a Side Hustle

Are you wanting a new hobby to spice up your life? Or is money a little tight at the moment? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here we are going to look at some of the best ways for you to get stuck into a side hustle. The opportunities are endless these days, and you can get started from the comfort of your own home.


Also, be aware that when you do get into business, even just on the side, you may be required to add VAT to the products you’re selling. In previous years understanding the formula behind VAT and making accurate calculations was a bit of a headache, today companies can make use of a UK VAT Calculator to ensure they’re adding the right amount to goods.  


Figure Out What Works for You

First of all, you need to decide what product or service you can offer to clients or customers. You have plenty of options when it comes to this, so start off by assessing what skills you currently have and think you could work on. Some of the following could be an option for you:

  •     If you’re creative:

Freelance graphics design, content writing, blogging, PR, proofreading, social media manager, photographer, videographer etc.

  •     If you’re technical:

Website building, data analysing, SEO specialist, PPC advertising manager, data entry etc.

  •     If you’re wanting to get into e-commerce:

Choose what it is you want to sell, then you can set up an online store. Something you could consider is upcycling your own items or ones you can get cheaply to then make a profit from. You can use websites like Etsy or other marketplaces, create your own website, or make the most of both of these options.

  •     Other ideas:

Teaching English online, virtual assistant, offering businesses training days in your specialism, accountancy guidance and advice, law services etc.


As you can see, the choices are plentiful. Most jobs that people do full time have freelancer opportunities, so go over your own experience and see what could work for you. If you want to try something totally different, consider getting training in the area you want to focus on. You could take up a course or do your own research to sharpen your skills.


Decide on Your Pricing

Next up, you need to decide on your pricing and get any equipment you may need to complete your tasks. It’s better to start your prices off at the lower end of the scale, to then build them up as you go, gaining loyal clients. Consider first-timer discount codes so you can test the waters. You can figure out as you go how long certain tasks take you and what amount they’re worth. You should also do competitor research to find out what similar brands offer.


Go Client Hunting!

Now for the fun bit – it’s time to go and find your client base. There are various methods for this – you can go to networking events, reach out via social media platforms like LinkedIn, cold call, get in touch with businesses directly via their websites, advertise your services across the internet, and so on. Try a few different methods and see which is the most fruitful and least time-consuming for you.


Starting a side hustle is an exciting time in your life, so enjoy each step and learn as much as possible along the way!


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