Helping Hands: Ways To Help a Friend Who’s Pregnant

Helping Hands: Ways To Help a Friend Who’s Pregnant

There’s nothing more magical than having a baby. During those nine months, a person’s body goes through so many majestic changes; it’s truly something to see. Since pregnant people have to go through so many bodily and emotional changes, they need more assistance than most. If you know someone who’s going to have a child soon, read about these ways to help a friend who’s pregnant. They’ll appreciate the kindness, and you may get extra baby cuddles out of the deal.

Listen to Them

Often, individuals dismiss pregnant people’s emotions as hormone-driven, or they may claim they’re being temperamental. Try your hardest to avoid this behavior. Instead, take the time to listen to what your friend says they’re experiencing. Don’t be afraid to offer advice like you would for any of your companions. Your pal will appreciate not being treated with kid gloves and having someone to listen to their problems.

Take Them Places and Bring Them Things

Pregnant people have tons of places to go. Sometimes, their partner can’t take them to appointments, so they have to go solo. This is where you can step in as a faithful ally and take them to where they need to go. After all, depending on how far along someone is, they shouldn’t get behind the wheel. Their bump might get in the way. One idea is to surprise your friend and accompany them to an appointment they thought they’d have to go alone. You might want to bring some tissues, though, because they’ll likely get emotional.

Aside from taking them places, you should also consider bringing your pregnant friends a few things from time to time. As previously mentioned, traveling while pregnant isn’t the easiest thing to do. Pop by for a visit and make their lives easier by bringing them dinner. Perhaps do a little detective work beforehand to determine what they’ve been craving! Your pal will appreciate the sentiment and whatever you bring them.

Assist in Decorating the Nursery

Another way to help a friend who’s pregnant is to assist them in decorating the nursery. Setting up the nursery is one of the most important parts of nesting and getting ready for a child. However, someone who’s far along in their pregnancy may have difficulty decorating on their own. As a result, you can get some essentials every baby nursery needs. Consider buying little things that may slip your friend’s mind, like a baby blanket or a diaper genie. Your friend will be so thankful that you thought of them, and it’ll be nice to have a piece of you in the baby’s first room.

Being pregnant is magical, but it can also prove a very isolating journey. Friends should step up and let their pregnant pals know they’re not in this alone. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is listen to how your companion is feeling and validate their feelings. No one deserves to have their emotions thrown by the wayside simply because they’re with child.

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