There are no ways to make the end of a loved one’s life not painful. Even when you both see the end coming and have time to prepare for it. In fact, in those cases, it can be even more difficult. But while the situation might feel unfair, cruel, and difficult, there’s a lot you can do to make it easier.

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Ease their worries

To you, it might seem unimportant compared to a life ending, but there are a lot of concerns that your loved one might have as they’re approaching the end and they know it. They may be concerned about their life insurance claim, about making sure that their loved ones will be provided for, and even the plans for their funeral. One of the biggest changes you can make is to ensure that they’re not passing with these worries laying heavily on them. Take care of the odds and ends for them if you can.

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Focus on comfort

There may come a point that your loved one is in pain and discomfort. At this point, you should be looking for help to manage their pain and take care of their needs as best as possible. Ask them in advance where they might like that to happen, whether at home or at hospices like Alpha Omega where they can get much better quality of life. Involving the healthcare professionals also offers you a lot of help, allowing you to simply be a family member or a friend instead of worrying about whether you’re making the correct choices as a caretaker.

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Be there

Facing the end of one’s life can be a scary and isolating time. Those feelings can be given the opportunity to surface more if no-one is there to sit with them. Standing vigil over someone before they die can offer a lot of comfort. It also allows you the chance to hear wishes they might not be able to express. For instance, many people may want to involve faith or spirituality, such as being visited by a priest to have the last rites read to them. This doesn’t mean you have to sit with them all the time, either. The person may want time alone so you should respect that, but let them know you will be back.

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Taking care of yourself

Being there for someone approaching death and helping them take care of their affairs and their comfort can be a harrowing experience, as important as it is. Learning to let go now, to process what is happening, and to grieve now can help you deal with the impact when they have passed. Allowing yourself a private moment, allowing yourself to cry, and allowing yourself to talk to someone can help you process your emotions much more healthily. Otherwise, they can delay and often be buried under unhealthy habits.

There will be fear, sadness, and anger involved in the process. But offering what help you can and simply being there offers a much better chance of closure and, most importantly, comfort in what can be the darkest moment in your loved one’s life.


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