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We all know what its like to try to lose some weight, imagine a dog who is over weight and can lose a couple of pounds. Thats my pug Bella she needs to lose a couple of pounds, for every pound she is over weight , its like 30 lbs extra on them. We hate to diet and exercise can you imagine doing this to them. But with some basic knowledge we can have our pets at a healthier weight and in better health,. 

Did you know that over 50 percent of all dogs are over weight,  and the owners are doing nothing about it. Getting your pet on a daily routine can help them to maintain, a healthy weight. 

PerfectWeightSmallBreedCan’t Tell If Your Pet Is Overweight

The BCS {Body Condition Score is a good place to start as weight is not always a good indicator of pet overall health. Veterinarians use both the 5 and 9 point scale, so keep that in mind. Of course your vet is the best person to decide if your pet needs to lose a few pounds, but this is a good place for you to start

You can help your cat or dog be a slim,and trim  with the help of Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight food and by developing a few healthy habits. One would be to measure out the food that you give your dogs,  half of the recommended amount of food . And then we let them out in the yard to play. They are in the yard for hours at a time just running around and playing. 




Get them out and moving so that they are exercising , my Bellas a lazy dog she wants nothing to do with going outside and moving around. Now that we are walking we have her going with us, and she seems to enjoy it more and more. 




Not only can you help your dog exercise for better health. You can also feed your cat or dog great food that can make the road to a healthy weight

dog food specifically designed for small and toy dogs out now from Science Diet. Science Diet Perfect Weight dog and cat food includes prebiotic fibers to help in gentle digestion that is 100% precisely balanced nutrition.Small and toy dogs make up 40% of the dog population. I mean, look how cute they are! Feed them well so they can live long, active and healthy lives. You can get Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Formula in 4 lb. and 15 lb. bag sizes from your vet and specialty pet stores.



Lets see how much Bella can lose with all of these great things we have learned.

Here is the link to the calendar:


Winners {2 Cat Winners and 2 Dog Winners} will each receive a 10 week supply of Hill’s Science Diet food tailored for their dog or cat (US, One winner pet per household).

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  1. Melissa S says:

    I like the weightcheck tool on the site. I know my dog is overweight, not terribly but he is going to be 9 and has some arthritis in his back hips, any extra weight is only adding to the pain.

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