Zoning out when you have a hard time being around others and feeling lonely and depressed is no way to live life. Sometimes we go seek addicting drugs that aren’t so good for us to help cope with our trials and tribulations. But trying something more non psychoactive or non addicting that actually is healthy for you is something worth trying. CBD through Hemp Ville is a resource for those of us needing a pain killer.

Hempville is a company with goals to use natural remedies, such as hemp for their ailments. These ailments include epilepsy, siezures, anxiety, mood, chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, insomnia, skin problems, Crohn’s, IBD, cancer, and degenerative diseases. Imagine using CBD and getting the desired outcome you were hoping for. So Hempville works closely with the farmers who grow the hemp so they can control the CBD products produced. With using CBD, it is possible to have a healthier lifestyle, because you do not need to seek other addicting treatments. 

Aside from physical needs, CBD is great for depression. There are agents in the CBD that makes a positive interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain. By combating the depression, the person will be able to have a better social and work life. Because CBD is natural there should be no need to become addicted to it.

CBD also provides a compound that helps with pain without the feeling of getting high from a drug. It is much safer and that’s why I use it. I have arthritis and headaches. When I use CBD, I get a general sense of calm and ease. That in turn helps me not to panic and become anxious of what lies ahead in the day. I can achieve that relaxing therapy feeling without any painful or harsh side effects. 

I enjoy consuming my CBD with my favorite treat and that is chocolate. The Hemp Company has a bar of milk chocolate with 150 mg of CBD Isolate. One piece is one serving, and one serving is 12.5 mg. Just a few pieces, and I can focus better at work or unwind at the end of a stressful day.

Another fun product is the CBD bath bomb. It also contains 150 mg of CBD but also contains a few oils that help with achy muscles. There is lavender and almond oil, two oils that I love. Just using the bath bomb without any other medication, provides me with two days of body ache relief. I normally have wrist arthritis and that seems to fade away.

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