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Are You Looking For An Herbal Remedy For Your Stress? Keep Reading To See How To Relax

If you partake in “herbal remedies” then you will be happy to read this post! It's an exciting time to be an herb lover. Well, let's actually dive into what “herb” I'm talking about first. I'm sure we all know about marijuana, but unfortunately, there are only certain states where it's legal. Many companies began using a cannabinoid called CBD for those that have depression, anxiety, pain, etc. However, CBD doesn't give you any kind of high at all.

For those (like myself) that want their herbal experience to give a little more relaxation, they've now extracted many different cannabinoids for this purpose. This is where Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 come in. These can give you a high and they're completely legal. Now let's add in exactly what Apex Labs has done. Their gummies have a blend of fully legal mushroom extracts. This will give you a relaxing, somewhat euphoric effect, but it's so mild and wonderful. If you've never researched “microdosing” you may want to. It's something I've been interested in for a long time.

Apex Labs Sent Me…

Apex Labs sent me their sample of 500mg Amanita Muscaria Mushroom “Micro” Gummies – Strawberry. This is exactly what I started with and I am in heaven with these! Now, I'm somewhat new to mushroom gummies, so I didn't start with a whole one, I broke mine in half. It still worked! I took it in the early morning and around 11 or noon I got a sense of relaxation but energy too. It was so amazing. I have panic attacks so I was a little worried I would get scared and go into an attack but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't overbearing.

The next sample is called 500mg Amanita Mushroom Full Spectrum CBG/Delta 9 Gummies – Raspberry. These are close to the gummies above but they have a small amount of actual THC from the Delta 9. However, it is still legal but it will give you a little more of a high feeling if that's what you're looking for! The full-spectrum mushroom blend will give you the same relaxation and euphoric feeling.

Now, if you want more of a kick you need these gummies! 3500mg Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummies – Blueberry. This will give you a much stronger effect but the great thing is because of the extraction process it makes it gentle on your stomach. One thing I haven't mentioned is that every single gummy tastes amazing! They have a nice sugary coating that goes perfectly with the fruity flavor. They honestly taste like a yummy fruit gummy.

If you're looking for something other than gummies, they have lots of items to choose from. A couple of examples are Sleep Beverage Enhancer 600mg (unflavored). This is packed with CBD and CBN which will help you fall into a deep, relaxing sleep. Oh, and you won't feel foggy in the morning! Focus Beverage Enhancer 600mg (unflavored) includes CBD and CBG which will help you focus while doing homework or even playing intense video games. You will love this! If these drinks aren't interesting to you they have so much more. Just go and check them out.

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