Here are 15 Love Advice for Teens


Life can be difficult, especially in the teenage years. Teens deal with many problems, including school pressures, social issues, peer pressure and family issues. These problems can affect the way teenagers think and make decisions. One of the most important areas teens need advice is in love and relationships.


Teens often have a hard time understanding their feelings, particularly when it comes to romantic feelings for another person. They also struggle with what to do about these feelings and how to act upon them. If you are a teen looking for some advice about your own relationships or just want to know more about the subject, this article is for you.


There are 10 love advice for teens:


  1. Know what it means to be in love.


True love comes from knowing a person, respecting them, trusting them, and caring about their happiness. It is not based on romance, status or earning power. True love is commitment and devotion. It is an outgrowth of deep friendship, which many young people have never experienced because they were deprived of the close relationships that are an important part of growing up.


  1. Love is not a feeling but a decision.


Loving someone means that you see potential in him or her and want to help him or her grow as a person. It means being honest with each other and having the desire to make each other happy by working through conflicts and problems together. Loving someone doesn't mean you should be willing to put up with anything for them or remain committed to them no matter what the circumstances may be.


  1. Don’t be pressured


When the time comes for you to get into a relationship, do not enter into one just because everyone else is doing it or because you want to fit in or look cool and popular among your peers; instead, go for someone who truly values your worth as a person and respects you for who you really are, loves you despite all of your flaws, understands your limitations as an individual, and accepts the fact that nobody is perfect and that both of you will make mistakes along the way but will learn from them together and grow in love as time passes by.


  1. Don't try to change your partner. 


If you think that you can change yourself for the better, remember that the same is true for your partner. However, if you find yourself trying to change your partner – don't. It's one of the most common mistakes that can break your relationship.


  1. Communicate with your partner.


Communication is always important, regardless of how long you have been dating someone or how well you know them. Don't forget to listen to what they say and don't be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas with them. Good communication will help you build a strong connection with each other and resolve any misunderstandings that may arise.


  1. Don't rush things.


 If you think that you want to get closer with someone too fast, step back and think about it. Getting too close too soon may prevent you from getting to know each other better or cause unnecessary problems in your relationship. It can also make things feel awkward between you two after some time has passed.


  1. Maintain your individuality


Don't give up your own friends, hobbies or interests. If you share everything, there's really nothing left to talk about. You need time apart to miss each other, so you'll appreciate the time you spend together.


  1. Be honest


If you fib about little things like where you go or what you do, this will erode trust and make your partner feel insecure. It's fine to keep some things private if it's not anyone else's business, but try not to lie by omission (leaving something out). Honesty is always the best policy; even if it's hard, it can save you from more pain later on.


  1. Fight fair


Arguments are a normal part of any relationship. But there are ways for couples to argue that are more productive than others. In a healthy relationship, both people should work towards compromise and respect each other's opinions and feelings, even if they don't agree all the time!


  1. Love is not all about flowers, gifts or dinner dates.


it's more about little things like picking up his/her dropped belongings, helping him/her with homework or preparing his/her favorite meals for dinner… Not because you want something from him/her in return but because you truly want to do it for him/her!


  1. Take things slow


This is especially important for girls. When you have a crush on someone, it can be easy to jump into a relationship before you're ready. Remember, the most important part of any relationship is friendship. You'll find that if you decide to wait, you can then invest in the friendship and get to know each other better before taking the next step. Remember, you have your whole life ahead of you — don't rush anything!


  1. Listening is more important than talking. 


Sometimes we focus too much on what we want to say next and forget to really listen to our partners. Listening shows that you care about their opinions and feelings — even if you don't agree with them.


  1. Don't gossip about your partner behind their back. 


It's never okay to talk behind someone's back, but it's especially hurtful when it's the person you're dating! If there is something bothering you about your partner or the relationship, have a private conversation with them about it instead of spreading rumors about it to other people.


  1. Your feelings and experiences are valid.


 Everyone makes mistakes and experiences heartbreak, but that doesn't mean those feelings aren't valid or important. Everyone feels things at different times and different intensities, so don't let anyone tell you that how you feel isn't real or that you don't have a right to feel how you do.


  1. Never lie to one another.


 Never lie to your partner about anything! If you don't want to hurt his/her feelings when telling the truth, then ask yourself why did you start dating this person in the first place?


  1. Listen to your friend's advice, but don't do what they say if it's not right for you.


 We all have different opinions and experiences so what works for one person may not work for another. Just listen and then decide on your own course of action based upon what they've told us about their own lives as well as our own gut feeling regarding what's best for us at any given moment in time!


Make sure to always be as happy as you can and you will find yourself falling in love. However, should you get in a relationship, avoid getting carried away and keep your morals strong. Lower them and you could wind up getting hurt or hurting others. Remember that love is a great thing and can give your life something special to make it worth more.

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