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Being able to give a natural smile on command is a useful skill. We use smiling to connect with people, to appear more confident and to present a positive image. We smile automatically when we're happy, but not everyone finds it easy to do so whenever they want. If you struggle to smile for photos without looking a bit weird, you need to perfect your smiling skills. Producing a smile that seems genuine when you don't feel like it takes some practice. Try using the tips below to help you smile like you mean it when you need it most.


Teeth and Lips


Before you look at the psychology behind a great smile, you probably want to pay attention to your mouth. It can be difficult to smile confidently if you're worried about your teeth and lips. Your teeth may be healthy, but a lot of people worry about their straightness or having an underbite or overbite. The thing is; adults usually hesitate to wear braces. However, with services such as YesBraces, you can use a treatment like Invisalign. They help to correct your teeth without using unsightly braces. Once you're happy with your teeth, you can also make your lips more attractive too. This could involve anything from using lip balm and lipstick to getting fillers.


Practice in the Mirror


If you have no idea what your “camera smile” looks like until you see yourself in a photo, you can practice putting on a smile. Not all types of body language and facial expressions come naturally to everyone. You might think you're putting on a relaxed smile when you actually look strained and uncomfortable. It can benefit you to spend some time in front of a mirror. Practice your best smile until you can do it automatically.


Smile Like You Mean It


A lot of people struggle to smile on command because it feels wrong. There's nothing in particular that's making them smile. They're just doing it to look friendly, confident or like they're having a great time. In these cases, it's your eyes that can let you down. Your mouth is saying “I'm smiling”, but your eyes say that it's not real. It can help to think of something that makes you happy or amused, which will lift your eyes for a more genuine smile. Don't try to force an enormous smile if you don't feel like giving one, either.


Improve Your Confidence


Confidence is often what lies behind a great smile. You need to be able to smile to show that you're confident and approachable in social and public situations. But it's difficult to give a welcoming smile when you don't have much self-belief. If you have trouble with smiling when you need to, addressing your confidence could be what you need to do most. With more confidence behind it, your smile will be more radiant.
A beautiful smile will serve you well in life if you need people to like you. If you want to perfect yours, take some time to work on it.

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