Here’s What to do When Your Child is Involved in a School Accident

Any parent’s greatest fear is for their child to be hurt in any way. We know that children take risks and accidents happen many times, and this is part of growing up. This is particularly common to happen at school, where children spend the greatest part of their days and are around many other individuals.



It may be extremely overwhelming to find that your child has been a victim of an accident, especially when you are not around them to help straight away. Every case will vary – some will be minor whilst others will be more serious, and you should act accordingly. In this article, we will advise you on what to do when your child is involved in a school accident, should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate

Keep Calm

Once you hear your phone ring and see that the school is calling your phone, you already know it most likely is bad news. If the school calls you to inform you your child has been involved in an accident it is understandably an emotional time, and you may feel completely overwhelmed. However, remember to keep calm so that you can think clearly and make your way to the school to see your child. Remember that your child sees you stressed out, they are likely to feel the same emotions, particularly if they are very young, and you will want your kid to be as calm and relaxed as possible.

Ask Your Child What Happened

Once you are in your son or daughter’s presence, ask them what happened. It is important to gather the child’s version of the events before you hear the teacher’s as the two versions may not match. Teachers may want to make it seem like it was an accident caused by your child playing or not being careful rather than negligence from the school and your kid, therefore asking your kid is the best way to obtain this information.

Speak With The Teacher

The teachers should be present when your child gets hurt – if you find that your daughter or son was alone it is a sign that the school has been negligent in their duty to care for the child when they are under their supervision. You should speak to your child’s teacher directly but also make sure that the incident is reported to the headteacher or principal so that there is a record of the accident. This is particularly important if your child suffers serious injuries.

Speak With Other Parents and Children

If you get the chance, it would be a good idea to discuss the incident with other children, but do so when the parents are present. As we mentioned previously, it may be difficult to get the true story by asking the teachers and your child only. If you get any discrepancies within the details of the incident, you may get a more accurate version of the events once you discuss it with potential parents. Additionally, speaking to the parents will give you an idea of whether similar situations have happened to other children and how the school has dealt with it.

Consult With Legal Experts

Accidents happen naturally, and sometimes it is no one’s fault. However, if you believe that the school has been negligent resulting in your child’s injuries, or if they did not provide the appropriate care afterward, you could have grounds to pursue a legal case against them. You may think this is not necessary, but the point of hiring a local attorney is not to get the school in trouble but to ensure that you and your child receive the financial compensation you are entitled to. If you live in Texas, for example, child injury lawyers in San Antonio may guide you on what to do and support you through the legal process if your child gets injured in an accident at school. You may have to pay for medical bills or additional childcare support, therefore claiming compensation is vital.

Take Your Child To The Doctor

Evidently, taking your child to the doctor should be one of the priorities. In the case of an accident, the school should instantly provide your child with medical care, as they usually have a school nurse available that will do their own assessment and administer whatever care they are able to. However, they will not have the same means and resources as a hospital. For this reason, make sure that you visit the hospital with your child, even if they do not appear to be severely injured.



Knowing your child is involved in an accident can be a very emotional time for you and your family. It is important to think clearly in these situations and know what to do. If this happens to your child, make sure to follow the steps discussed above so that you deal with the situation successfully.

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