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HeroBoys Are Superheroes

Heroboys are superheroes with morals and values (think American Girl for boys).  Their story is told through a comic book subscription.  Their ‘leader’s’ name is ‘The Gentleman.’  This multi-cultural group of 6 are concerned about the environment and good boys becoming great men. “


HeroBoys is a line of toys and comics that are meant to use your child’s love of superheroes to celebrate adventure, imagination. While reinforcing positive values. Such as honesty, loyalty, humility, compassion, and diligence.

They are part of Whimzy Entertainment, which was founded by parents that are dedicated to providing quality, developmentally meaningful toy and content for our children.

Meet The HeroBoys



Blazer was such an angry little boy. Angry about everything and he took his anger out on other kids in school. But The Gentleman looked passed his anger and saw passion. And he knew it could be used for good. So he gave Benny the essence stone of fire. Which made him BLAZER. Now he directs all of his passion towards doing good and helping others.



Gus didn’t have a lot of self confidence and always thought the other kids were better than him. Yet The Gentleman knew he was a special boy. Because he cared about other people and wanted everyone to get along. So he gave Gus the essence stone of wind. Which made him GUSTO, the leader of HeroBoys. And now he must find a way to bring out the best in his team.



Rocky was shy and nervous. Never want to look people in the eye. The Gentleman saw his strength inside that no one else saw because he was so quiet. The Gentleman gave him the essence stone of stone. Which made him ROCKO. Now he has the physical strength to match his inner strength.



Tyler had physical challenges that made him feel alone and different. The Gentleman knew he had been exercising his most important muscle, his brain. So, The Gentleman gave him the essence stone of intellect. Making him TECHNO. He is the builder and engineer of the HeroBoys.



Wang entered his new school and was having trouble making new friends. His favorite thing to do was go for long walks on the beach or in the woods. The Gentleman saw his bond with nature and gave him the essence stone of water. Which made him Stormsurge. He helps other kids fight to protect our environment and save our natural resources.



Last one of the bunch. Eddie was always an animal lover and like animals more than humans. The Gentleman saw him bond with the animals and gave him the essence stone of animal. And this made him ThunderHawk. His part of the group is to show that we share our world with animals. And we need to treat them with respect and live in harmony with them.

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