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Recently I had receive aquabot 2.0 shark tank. We have  a lot of toys but, this toy is different. The expandable environment provides the fun and enjoyment of having a pet fish, without all the messy clean up. You child even can play with the water and not have to worry about all the germs or algae getting all over them. Each shark tank comes with and angelfish, engineered with the smart fish technology. An added tap on the tank wake sensor and an inner LED glow that makes it appear more alive then it ever has before.

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The Shark Tank encourages kids to let their imaginations run wild as they design their own underwater landscape with brightly colored coral pieces, and have the ability to snatch their Aquabot right out of the water using the new, action-ready shark accessory. My son Zachary loves his new angelfish. Moms, dads, no need to worry about your child forgetting to feed the fish. Or worrying about the fish dying. Just add new batteries and your angelfish comes back to life. There are many hours of play and I love the fact that you can add more fish sold separately. You can decorate the tank as your child likes. This set also includes three coral pieces. My son has a lot of toys and after a couple of days he forgets about them. he has played with this everyday.
This is a great toy for Christmas. You can't go wrong with getting your child this toy. I'm sure it's going to be one of the most wanted items on their wish list. For more information click here.





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