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Hide Your Cords With Cord Wrappers

If you are anything like me, your wires are all over the place. And you are trying to keep them all in one place, there has to be something better than having them sticking out for everyone to see, it becomes a real eyesore.


Looking for something that will help hide them, I found the cord wrapper you're able to hide the wires and no one can see it. Cord Wrappers are the perfect tool to wrap up loose cords and more! With a small design, the Wrappers are hardly noticeable yet big enough to hold long cords. Perfect for use in the kitchen with appliances, in the bathroom with hair tools, in the office for computer cords, and more!

Due to the nature of the adhesive, the Wrapper may not stick to every surface. While it sticks to most appliances and hard surfaces, please avoid textured, dirty, oily, material/fabric, soft, or other surfaces that have a tendency to peel (painted walls, wallpaper, paper, etc.).

These cords give your home a nice and neat look without all the hassle, of having cords showing all over the place, we love these and plan to get some more and use them for everything, It's a product that gives loose cords a neat, organized home. While inspired from kitchen appliances, it can be used at your computer workstation and anywhere else those cords have been an all too familiar annoyance.

Now to get some more to help control all the other wires in our house so that, all the wires are hidden from sight. The Cord Wrapper put away a toaster from earlier and the cabinet door refused to shut all the way because that toaster cord was sticking out again for the thousandth time, causing an all too familiar scream of frustration.

For all your cord needs and more, this is for you.




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