Recently I was given the chance to do a review on the highlight kids magazine. I remember going to the doctors and sitting in the waiting room and reading the highlights magazines. When you get to the hidden pictures you find that someone marked the pages.
My son and I have read these magazines and did all the fun activities. Brings back some fun child memories.
I was also a Highlights kid. Do you remember Highlights magazine? You probably read it in the waiting room at your doctor or dentist’s office. I did too. But I was also lucky enough to have my own subscription to Highlights. Remember how awesome it was to get mail as a kid, back before bills and junk mail…when anything that came in the mail for you was sure to be a birthday card or something fun? I remember my heart leaping with excitement every month when my Highlights arrived. I’d look over  every page in one sitting, laughing at the jokes, reading about at Goofus & Gallant, and saving the Hidden Pictures for last.


Now I get the chance to make the same memories with my son. He had received three magazines in the mail. We had so much fun going through to find the hidden objects in the picture.
This is a great gift to send your children or grandchildren. To see the look on there face when they receive there own mail. Knowing that they are not only enjoying the magazine they are also learning. For more information click here.


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