Keeping the air quality in your home entails maintenance with proper and constant effort. Removing airborne particles that may be irritants to your health can be beneficial to every person’s health inside your home. There are several ways on how you can effectively maintain good air quality at home:

Put indoor plants


Plants are known to be natural air filters. Not only it is aesthetically beautiful for your home, but it can also make your air quality free from contaminants. Plants can absorb gases through the pores of their leaves and roots. Making you less susceptible to allergens from the air. 

Control Humidity

Molds and mildew come from moist and are more likely to grow in humid conditions. They can actually stimulate allergens and cause irritation. You can prevent this by providing dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers can also reduce odor brought about by the rusty rotting smell of molds and mildew. This equipment will play an important role in improving air quality especially if you are in a very humid location.

Use Cooking Vents


One of the causes of the smell of the air in your home is from the food you cook. When this smell stays or gets absorbed by your drapes or curtains, your air quality becomes poor, as you are not able to inhale fresh air already. Also, your gas range can release harmful gases that can affect your air quality and cause sickness because these carcinogens are absorbed into your bloodstream. To avoid this, you can install cooking vents or exhausts, or just open your windows when you cook so the smell will not be staying in your home, and allow circulation of fresh air.

Maintain Air Ducts

Air circulation inside your home can be brought and done by properly installed air ducts. It is where hot and cold air passes through and is distributed to the rooms inside your home. Make sure to inspect these ducts and see that they are free from dust accumulation as this can cause contaminant to your aid. They can also be cleaned regularly to maintain their efficiency.  As cited by some professionals from  Purity Air Solutions, a service provider for HVAC maintenance, air ducts that are cleaned thoroughly can be your defender against molds, mildew, dust, allergens, and even viruses. You may get some help especially for hard to reach areas, some professionals can do the cleaning for you. 

Clean Air filters

You may already have this in your cleaning routine, not only to clean airconditioning units but even the air filter should be cleaned regularly as dust and dirt, bacteria and germs can accumulate and can cause circulation of bad air quality in your home. You can also check the frequency of replacement of this filter because they might already be saturated with contaminants.


Dust molds and mildew can accumulate on your things at home. You can declutter and reduce the number of things as to where dust particles might settle on to. Preventing this dirt accumulation will reduce your risk of having a bad air quality at home, making it safe for everyone to s

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