All new mommy want to have something safe for your babies to chew on when they are hurting from cutting teeth poor things are in such pain. My sisters kids loved to bite my gold XO bracelet I have both of their teeth marks in it, not that cared they mean the world to me and now that my nephew is 20 and my niece will be 16 those are precious memory's you have.

Having been recently contacted by Hilary's Crafty Designs it couldn't come at a better time, my friends granddaughter started teething and loves to bite on her chain, Both the teething clip and the teething chain are so much safer for any baby.Made of beads that are food grade silicone and chewable and so much safer for these teeth, The necklaces are made with a break away clasp , for an emergency you will be able to loosen it fast and without any issues, These are also lead free , These come with a plastic insert so that teeth so that it doesn't ruin the material.

The baby loved then we hooked her binkie up to the pacifier clasp and my friend put the necklace on and she loved biting on it. I would recommend all new mommys to look into these,

They sell teething for babies,diaper covers, dresses, Quilts, Rugs, Head bands, purses, jewlery, blankets, artwork and more

To connect more with them you can do sohere, 



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