I am always on the lookout for really healthy things for my dog. I love it when it is actually meant for my dog and her well-being and not just full of fillers to make her feel full. So when I heard about Hillside Farms and how they use all natural ingredients for my dog, I was excited so had to do some more digging and learned how great all of their treats really are. They like to do as minimal processing as possible, which is a huge thing for me. Processed food is not good for me and my family, so why is it okay for my dog? It really isn’t and she is a big part of our family and so we want the best for her. Shes our baby and we always want whats good for her.


Hillside Farms Chicken Jerky is really something my dog loves. I was in my office and I was like okay I need to really look this over before I hand it over to her. With the Chicken Jerky they use lean chicken breast and mix it with vegetable glycerin and a bit of salt and that is it. These are real junks of chicken turned jerky! Did I also mention that the chicken they use is raised cage-free? This is the hugest seller for me as my family only eats cage-free chicken and eggs so why should it be different for my dog? She loves them & I love them, so these will be treats  I buy for her from now on! Hillside Farm has your pets best interest at heart and that is a company I can stand behind!

Like I said simple ingredients that are good for your dog.
chick_backI consider my animals to be family members so I want to feed them things that are good for them. You can check out all of the snacks available from Hillside Farms by heading to their website.

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