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My kids don’t like wearing pass the ankle socks anymore. Maybe it’s because we have global warming and everything is hotter now. Even during the winter. Whatever the case is, my children love ankle socks. My youngest loves wearing socks even while she sleeps. She goes for most comfy, and so far she has told me that one of her comfiest socks are her pairs from Hippy Feet. 


I agree with her. Hippy Feet socks are made from a soft cotton material. They are thick and high quality. They have a good stretch to them. I love that there is a spot at the back that protects the skin of the feet from rubbing. That’s such a great idea so the socks don’t slide down. We have hard bathroom floors and they are cold! So my daughter likes to use the socks when she goes in there, because they are generous on padding. I like how the socks follow the shape of her feet with its natural arch. She told me it’s like the socks are hugging her feet.

The Hippy Feet Socks are stitched pretty well. There is no annoying bunching at the toes that makes walking feel weird and uncomfortable. The heel is stitched like a Y, I know that socks fit better if sewn that way. What I like best about the Hippy Socks are the cute print! The zig zag design is so much fun to look at. We all love Chevron prints as they are so popular right now. The stripes are colored chocolate, maroon, burnt orange, and clementine. The sock itself is colored creme. I love the overall schematic combination. Dads would love this too for Father’s day. 

The Hippy Feet company does something good, because it provides work for a homeless person. I can rest assure knowing I supported a homeless person try to get back on their feet by allowing them to package these socks that I love!

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