A company that makes products that are not only useful but also with a heart of gold is a company worth investing in. Hippy Feet is a company that makes socks, but with a purpose. They aim to take young adults who are homeless and put them back on track. By giving them a part time job, they would be able to instill crucial job skills for them. The goal is to get them housing and a permanent full time job else where.

Hippy Feet needs our support more than ever. With Covid impacting sales due to no face to face interactions there is a need more than ever to show the world what a great company Hippy Feet is. Also, doing warm months, sales for warm cozy socks also go down.

For me Hippy Feet has very comfortable socks. They have ankle socks, quarter crews, crews, athletics, and knee highs. One of my most favorite prints is the Rainbows. It is a beautiful darkly colored rainbow stripped pattern. The colors of dark red, purple, navy blue, blue, green, beige will match any outfit. I like how the socks aren’t too thick. They are very lightweight. They are breathable, and can be worn both summer and winter months. I could tell the Rainbows are everyone else’s favorite too as they are the best seller.

What’s even more important behind the Hippy Feet socks is not just the amazing design and attention to detail, but the young person behind it. It feels good to know that I am supporting their Pop Up Employment. Many sixteen to twenty-four year olds need help and most of them don’t have anyone. The jobs they can get through Hippy Feet include packaging, screen printing, and embroidery. In fact, the Rainbows, has the Hippy Feet food logo embroidered on it.

Each sock features a seamless toe. I hate feeling that there’s something blocking my toes at the end and with this cut, the feeling is not there anymore. I also like the Y-stitched heel. It makes for a better fit and reduces bunching. Lastly the cuff, is no slip! This keeps me from worry about constantly having to pull up my socks when I remember.

Find out more at Hippy Feet \ Twitter \ Instagram \ Facebook

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