Still looking for ideas on how to make this summer one to remember? Stop wasting your time and start planning your hitchhiking trip! It is a scientifically proven fact that traveling is the best cure for apathy and depression. So, if you’re stuck in a rut and want to shake things up a bit, you should definitely consider hitting the road!

Hitchhiking is not just a way to get around the globe on a budget and connect with amazing people. Over time, it has developed into an entire subculture and you now have a chance to become part of this thriving global community.


To help you get started, we decided to provide you with some useful tips on how to make your hitchhiking trip safe and fun. So forget about college tasks and deadlines – buy essay online safe and save yourself time, money and headaches.


Let's begin with some general hints and rules:



  • Choose a proper hitchhiking spot. Instead of thumbing a ride in the central sections of a city, you should pick highways on its outskirts. In most cases, people driving in the downtown area don't plan to go far. That said, you should still avoid the middle of a highway and choose your hitchhiking spot somewhere near the city limits.


  • Buy a new map. These days, everyone has a map at their place. However, it is absolutely important that you buy yourself a new one showing all recently built roads and streets. You should also pay attention to the scale of the map – it should be 1:1,000,000 or 1:750,000.
  • Mind your mood. While on the road, you’ll meet with a lot of people, so you should be able to win them over with your charm. Usually, telling some funny stories or jokes works the best. Remember – looking sad and tired will not help you hitch a ride.
  • Watch the weather. Weather changes all the time, and there is nothing we can do about it. So, you should learn how to protect yourself from heavy rain and blazing sun. Be sure to put an umbrella, some warm clothes, and a sunblock cream in your backpack.
  • Indicate your destination clearly. Of course, putting your thumb up always works, but how will the drivers know where you are going? Well, how about grabbing a piece of cardboard and writing the name of your destination on it? This will surely increase your chances of hitching a ride.
  • Show your appreciation. Yes, hitchhiking is free, but it is also fair to offer the person who gave you a lift some incentive. The most popular way of showing your appreciation is, of course, money. It’s a win-win situation – they get the funds to gas up their car, and you get taken to your destination. If you’re on a tight  budget, you can simply give them a hug!



How to Stay Safe While Hitchhiking

  • Girls should not dress provocatively nor say anything that might trigger sexual harassment. You should make safety your number one priority, so leave your best dresses and skirts for some other occasion.  
  • If you do not trust the driver for some reason, you should refuse their offer and wait for another car. Usually, relying on your intuition can help you avoid a lot of unpleasant situations.
  • The easiest way to guarantee your safety is to take a  picture of the car and its license plate and send it to your friend. You can also take a photo of the driver (if they don’t mind, of course) so you both know that nothing can go wrong.
  • Whenever possible, you should hitchhike with a friend or travel mate. This way you’ll make your trip more secure and improve your chances of flagging down a car. That said, it is a bad idea to travel in the company of three or more people because you’ll most likely need two cars.
  • Choose a seat near the driver. Back doors have child safety locks, which means that they can't be opened from the inside. If you have no other choice, you should make sure that the lock is off before getting in your seat.
  • Keep all important items, such as your passport, money, credit cards and wallet, in your pocket. If you put them in your backpack, it may get stolen and you’ll find yourself in a very unpleasant situation.
  • Pick up some information about the countries you’re planning to go hitchhiking in. In some of them, hitchhiking is illegal and you can even get arrested for it.


We hope our tips will make your trip unforgettable. Bon voyage!


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