Socks with a hole in them.  It is hidden away so no one knows you are wearing them. The are made to look like you are not wearing socks that way you can wear them with tennis shoes, flats and yes, even heels. They hide in the shoe and under your pant leg. They are the most soft and comfortable sock I have ever found or worn. I personally think they give my leg some support when I am on them all day long and maybe just a little bit of warmth in the cooler weather when I still want to wear shoes and not my boots.


Barely There KEYSOCKS are made of a
a light, nylon fabric. These are a must
have for footwear fashionistas that love heels, pumps and



Isn't this as funky shape for a sock? It is weird but very comfortable anyway. Although, I have fun putting them on. Sometimes I forget there is an opening between my foot and leg and wonder why my foot is sticking out and think that I have a whole in my sock. Which in a way I do but the first thing I think is that my sock is torn. But, thankfully, not. I just have to make sure that I put them on my foot once I get them on my leg.



Classic KEYSOCKS are made from
32% Coffee Charcoal/48% Rayon/18% Nylon
Spandex utilizing CoolMax® Technology and treated with
UltraFresh®, KEYSOCKS Classic Socks feel like a dress sock and
are the perfect material to wear with any shoe.


Ok, I might need to do some adjusting sometimes so they don't show but I still love these socks and think they are just the cat's meow. I could go on and on and on about these socks. Sometimes I even sleep in them. I get so used to wearing them that I don't really feel them and go to bed with them on.

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