This set of rubber spatulas is really great. They are made of high quality material so they are not going to break or come apart. Silicone is non-stick too which makes these really great for stirring or icing. You get a set of two one larger and one smaller. The silicone gives you a soft flexible feel while you can feel the hard skeleton underneath. Either end can bend very easily. All other silicone spatulas that I've ever had, have had hard handles with a soft head. I really enjoy having the entire thing made up of the silicone. It allows for a grip that is very comfortable.

We love baking and these are great my niece loves to use these when, she is whipping up the family some great cookies, or cup cakes. . It is heat-resistant, and non stick. It will not melt if I leave it on a hot pan which is perfect since I am forgetful. This is absolutely perfect!! I would recommend them any time!

These gorgeous spatulas will never disappoint you. Are great for mixing, stirring, scraping or decorating to prepare all kinds of meals. Its smooth edges and flexible head with rounded and right angles are perfect for all those hard to reach places. And we all know that this is a plus.Heat-resistant up to 500°F. Smooth and comfortable to handle even with wet hands. With a strong internal stainless steel core. Will not chip, crack, rust or discolor.

Cleaning the silicone spatulas's a breeze – just toss them in the dishwasher. Super simple! And after a month of use I haven't experienced any discoloration or marks of any sort.The Holi in the Kitchen Silicone Spatulas can be used for many things including mixing, folding, serving, spreading, scraping and flipping. It has a flexible head, one round angle and one right angle for decorating, baking, preparing all kind of meals, hot or raw and most stickiest or delicate food.

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