Featured Holiday Gift Ideas

I love beauty products as I feel it helps me feel more confidant in myself. I love feeling and looking like a fresh person. So I rely on reputable companies who have a long history of good reviews to help me make a choice. Coming across Jafra, I knew I had to try it for myself.

Feel the Luxury

Jafra is amazing at all the beauty products they offer. There are items for acne treatments, to cosmetics and scents. All pretty luxurious and high quality. Each season they come out with beautiful products that are rated highly.


When coming home after a stressful day, I want to see something uplifting in my home. For me, I am a visual person who appreciates beauty in even the smallest things. But when presented with a bouquet of flowers, my goodness, all of my senses are heightened in the most alluring way! Have you ever heard of the branch, Enchanted Express Flowers? They are based in California, but they ship all over the nation.


his is an adorable story about a family of Finnish Lapphunds (more affectionately called Lappies). The family of dogs find out that some of Santa’s reindeer are missing—all of them (except Donner and Rudolph) have disappeared into the Northern Lights.  Santa sends Donner to ask the family of Finnish Lapphunds to help find the missing reindeer. Santa also wants them to learn how to pull Santa’s sleigh in case they would need to stand in for the missing reindeer to help Santa deliver his Christmas gifts.

The Book Is More Than Just A Story

I won’t give it away and spoil how the story continues or ends. However, I will say this book is full of surprises and learning opportunities. To start off, the author introduces the reader to the breed of Finnish Lapphunds and provides some interesting, educational details to teach the reader about this special breed. The author even provides pictures of the real-life Lappies that the book’s characters are based on—and I must say they are all absolutely adorable.

Before we know it the holidays will be here, and what do most ladies like. Purses, shoes, and jewelry. This year I was looking for something for myself, I wanted something that’s not too blingy to say. I like simple things, never been one to be flashy. Thats where the House of Jewels Miami comes in, they have a great selection of some great jewelry, something for everyone’s liking.

For me the winner was the Dainty Zodiac Necklace, it was perfect and I love it. I can wear it all the time and get so many people asking me what it is, I am a Taurus so this is what I got, I love the actual necklace is so cute with the little details around the whole necklace. of course, I think it’s super cute how it shows off your zodiac sign!




The beauty of drinking wine, is not just for its luxurious drinking etiquette and its ability to get a little tipsy, but drinking wine that is also vegan, and vegan friendly. Vegan wines does just that. It is a winery that does not implement any animal products. That includes from fertilizing the grapes, to fine tuning the wine making.

Vegan wines is a wine club for people who are environmentally friendly and who are keen about knowing what exactly it is they drink when they drink their wine. Because of Vegan Wines, it is now easier to select wine that is animal friendly. When you support this company, you go directly to the source of the wine, so there are no ifs or buts about purely Vegan wine

When people think of pain relieving, they automatically think of physical pain. Yes! That does take a forefront, but what is significant is mental pain as well. Taking care of your psyche is a crucial aspect of staying well balanced and healthy. CBD has been a long time favorite for those suffering from ailments. I have turned to it to help me consciously and physically when I am just feeling unwell for whatever reason. Evopure has come up with capsules that I can take when I am needing the extra comfort.

For a Better Well Being

Evopure is a company that uses CBD to help people have a healthy and balanced well being. They aim to change the misconception that CBD is dangerous and has drug addicting chemicals. All which is untrue. Evopure focuses on educating the market that CBD can be beneficial when consumed in good quality and appropriate quantity. The psyche of people is underwhelmed when they take a product that does not work, so choosing Evopure is a good start when trying CBD for the first time.

Learning Through A Toy

Babies are learning about their environment from the moment of birth.  We all know that there are a ton of toys out there to choose from, but some are not as educational as others.  If you’re looking for something to simply make your baby laugh, this post isn’t for you.  Well, I guess you could use it for that, but they’ll learn anyway!  Yoee Baby toys are all about teaching little ones about the many different textures and what each one will do when they touch or squeeze it.  It’s all safe to put into their mouths too.  I was lucky enough that they sent me the Yoee Baby Fox – a multi-purpose newborn baby development toy.  It’s more than just cute, it’s the perfect toy to give any baby.

It’s pretty amazing when you can create something from nothing.  It makes it even better when it’s impressive enough to show others!  I’m not very talented when it comes to crafting and if I’m being honest, I’m actually more craft-challenged than anything.  Sometimes you get lucky and come across something that makes the process easy!  That’s where Crafty Croc Art Supplies comes in.   They have quite a collection of supplies from markers and pens to calendars and canvases.  You just have to make up your mind on what you’d like to choose.  Good luck!  They recently sent me their Watercolor Brush Pen set and I have to tell you the great news…I’m an artist!

Are you one of those people that love gingerbread?  I actually wasn’t, until recently.  I mean, I like the taste of it, but sometimes the ginger is too much for me.  Since the holidays are coming up, fast, I wanted to look for a unique gingerbread treat as a gift.  Boy did I find one!  This company called Love, Mom has amazing mixes that come in a cute, decorated jar that you won’t even have to wrap.  They recently sent me their The Sugar & Spice Mom mix and I am obsessed with it.  It’s a nice sized jar with lots of yummy bits and pieces for that special loved one.  You would probably know the mix as “puppy chow”, but this is better!

What do you get someone that has it all, my brother in law loves things that he can use. So this year I wanted to get him something that I know he doesn’t have. Thats where the OPKIX ONE comes in. I know he’s going to love this.

What is the OPKIX video camera which allows you to shoot, edit, and share with ease? This is something he definitely doesn’t have and would be perfect for him. Conveniently record POV footage without missing a moment. With versatile mounts included for your favorite eyewear or hat, plus 4 universal sticky mounts, the compact OPKIX One blends in so fun can stand out.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the holidays are coming!  I’m certainly not ready for them, but whether I like it or not, they’ll be here before we know it.  I have 2 precious granddaughters, so when Feltman Brothers sent me this beautiful Short Sleeve Holiday Pearl Flower Holiday Dress for the youngest one, I couldn’t wait to give it to her!  She is almost 3 years old and she wears a 2T, possibly 3T.  Luckily, I asked for the smaller one because it was actually a little big on her.  Of course, that didn’t matter to her.  She immediately began to twirl around after putting it on.  It was so sweet and I guess I can assume that she loved it.

Jewelry With A Story

I’ve always worn a special necklace with my granddaughter’s pictures on it, but recently, it broke.  I was heartbroken!  Obviously, that piece of jewelry tells a story.  So even if you didn’t know me, you would know that it meant something special to me.  There are a ton of jewelry stores in this big world, but Isabelle Grace is all about telling your story.  They offer hand stamped jewelry at amazingly affordable prices.  They recently sent me a beautiful, dainty bracelet that says “good vibes” along with silver beads.  I really like it!  I like that it isn’t tight on my wrist and it’s sturdy so I don’t have to always be afraid of breaking it.  It’s very feminine, which is another thing I love.

Witty Little Sugar Scrubs

I’ve heard about sugar scrubs for quite a while now, but I had only tried a few.  I have terribly dry skin, so I was excited to use them.  Now, if you’re looking for a sugar scrub that has an amazing scent and will make your skin soft, please check out Pretty Witty Pop.  They have a variety of sugar scrubs to choose from, but that’s not all.  The jars of scrub have cute, witty sayings on them too.  They recently sent me their Peach For Your Dreams – Peach Gelato and Be Who You’re Mint To Be – Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  Let me just tell you, if you want something that will make you desire the taste, even though you know it’s only for your skin, these are the scents for you!

The holidays will be here before we know it, some have already started and finished. I have yet to and I have older nieces and nephews as well as some younger ones. For me, I want to get them something they will use, not something that will sit and collect dust.

The older ones are easy to throw some money in an envelope and they are happy, the smaller ones are a challenge this year I wanted to get the younger one, something he would be able to use. They are way too young in our opinions for a cell phone. Thats where the Cosmo Smartwatch comes in, its great for girls and boys, their own watch that we can keep tabs on them with.

They come in blue and pink. and are small enough for them. Why this watch, not only can they voice calls and video calls. You have the ability to have a watch that has everything to make sure that your kid never goes missing. It has a kid’s GPS tracker installed in it, which works across the USA.


To play, a person asks the player a trivia question from one of 5 categories (“The World,” “Sport and Leisure,” “Popular Culture,” “Science and Nature,” and “Humanities”).  The player can choose to pass or say they know the answer and place a bet.

When he/she says they know the answer, the other players can say, “Poppycock!” if they don’t believe the player knows the answer or, “Persuaded!” if they believe the player does know the answer.

When the others all shout, “Persuaded!” the player gets to move. However, if one or more yelled, “Poppycock!” the player must then reveal their answer. If the player is correct, that person moves according to their bet and the other Poppycocker players move backwards the same number of spaces. Persuaded players don’t move. If the player was incorrect, that player moves backwards. Those that yelled, “Poppycock!” move forward and “Persuaded” stay put. The first one to get to the “Finish” tooth wins the game.

Since this darn pandemic, we’re all getting to be experts on masks, am I right?  Well, I don’t know about you, but I want my mask to be really soft and comfortable.  This company has taken swaddling to another level!  Do you know how you use a swaddle on your baby?  Well, Swaddle Designs takes the same material they use for their swaddles and make cozy masks.  You can even get matching ones for Mom and baby/kid.  Every child loves matching their parents.  At least, I know my granddaughter loves it.  I can’t wait to give them the matching face masks I received (they both loved them)!  I got the 3-Layer Cotton Chambray Kids Face Mask in Watercolor Floral and the exact same one to match Mommy.  They’re so pretty and so very soft!

Family Head To Head Racing

We all love bonding with our kids, or in my case, my grandkids.  There’s nothing better than reading with them or even creating a fun craft.  However, it’s just as much fun challenging them to a crazy game of track racing!  As a matter of fact, this kit I’m going to tell you about comes with everything you will need, so get ready to write up their Christmas list with this on it.  I recently received a wonderful Carrera Go!!! Disney Pixar Cars Speed Challenge Race Track.  Whew, that’s a mouthful.  My granddaughter is 8 years old and she absolutely loves this.  She kinda freaked out when she opened it.  I’ve already played with it (obviously).  As far as fun goes, this track is amazing, in addition, it has 16 plus feet of track and it even has a loop!

Water bottles are a staple in most households these days. I feel like I, myself, can never have too many water bottles. However, not all water bottles are the same. It’s important to have a good quality water bottle, especially if you drink from one almost every single day. One water bottle company that I’ve recently been introduced to is Greens Steel and I have to say I’m super impressed with what I’ve seen. Read on to find out more about them!

Greens Steel Bottle For Kids

I had the opportunity to try the Greens Steel Kids Stainless Steel Bottle – the Rainbow Edition. And, I have to say, it’s absolutely lovely in appearance, functional in use, superb in design, and high in quality!! First off, it’s made with quality, food-grade, stainless steel and it’s free of BPA. If you are unfamiliar with BPA, which stands for bisphenol A, I highly recommend you read up on it here at the Greens Steel website.

Grow With GrowBento

I remember when I was little carrying my lunchbox into school.  I thought I was pretty cool.  Although, that was the only time I used one.  Now I have my own granddaughters and my youngest one is almost 3 years old.  She goes to daycare, but when she visits friends or babysitters, she always wants to have her own food.  That’s why I was really excited that Miniware sent me the GrowBento Lunch Set.  This kit includes a small stainless steel box along with 2 leak-proof silicone pods and it’s something they can grow with.  It’s the perfect size for a toddler or child to bring whatever snacks or lunch their little heart’s desire!

The Sweetest Piggy Book Ever

My granddaughter is turning 3 years old and she still loves her hard, board books.  She’s always loved them.  As a matter of fact, she is going to “squeal” with delight when she reads about this piggy and Christmas.  Well, let me clarify when her parents or myself read it to her.  She’s smart, but c’mon!  So the book is called Pocket Piggies Christmas! and you and your little ones are going to absolutely love it!  It’s a rhyming book, which I can’t get enough of, and the pictures are so sweet.  Richard Austin has made this beautiful little book by featuring the Teacup Pigs Of Pennywell Farm.  Who doesn’t love little piggies?  They’re so cute and cuddly and when I close my eyes I can imagine hearing their little squeals.

A Historic Journey In A Book

Every company starts out as a small business and hopefully moves up into a huge one!  I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the historic company, Coca-Cola, right?  Of course, you have!  Well, Larry Jorgensen was able to put their glorious rise into the words of a beautifully written book called The Coca-Cola Trail.  If you’re interested in history at all, you’ll most likely love it.  My favorite thing about this book is the ancient photos.  They date way back in the day and they will make you remember a simpler time.  If you have any questions about the rise of Coca-Cola, this book will explain it all.

Do you love trying new things when your cooking, my sister is the chef, and she’s always trying new and exciting recipes on us? Recently I found some great sauces and such, that she can use when she cooks something different. Bazodee has sauces, curry, and more.

Tasty Tamarind

Try our Tasty Tamarind sauce as a dipping sauce for fried Indian dishes or as a glaze for meats on the grill or in the oven. Can also be used as a side with any curry dish.

OTC Topical Pain Relief Medications That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Do you know someone that is suffering from mild to moderate pain? Do you want to help them in the safest way possible? One way to do that is by using topical pain relief medications. ‘Topical First’ is now recognized by the medical community as the first-line of treatment to safely treat pain. The CDC, ACP, and AAFP each support the use of topical nonsteriodial anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) a first-line therapy to treat acute, non-low back pain from musculoskeletal injuries in outpatient settings.

One of my favorite tried and true brands is Salonpas. I have used Salonpas for back pain, wrist pain, and shoulder pain. Salonpas offers OTC topical pain relief medication products ranging from sprays to creams to patches.

When someone takes the time to send you a personal gift in the mail, it becomes even more special, as gift giving becomes more rare. For me, I will always gift give as I love seeing smiles on peoples face and making them feel loved and cherished. A fun website that I believe is worth checking out is Send A Friend.

Special Gesture

Send A Friend is a fun idea where you get to choose a special animal plushy and send it via snail mail to a friend. They are wrapped in blue tissue paper and put inside a blue box with a card from the sender. I really love that I can add that special touch when I want to send some love across the miles to my family members.

Every day I look into the mirror and I really notice that my skin is not as youthful as it once was. I think, oh its just dry and needs some lotion, but even with lotion, the drags and droops are still there. I’ve realized that I have abandoned my skin and now more than ever I need to treat my skin with some tender loving care. Especially since I am hitting forties some time in the near future. Thank goodness for Absolute having some pretty amazing sheet masks for my face.

Absolute does not hinder quality when it comes to create something fresh to put on my face. I am really happy that they offer a good selection, as I am the type who likes to try a variety so I can know which kinds I am happy with most. Well there are two categories I am very fond of!

Growing up, I used to play board games that required so many pieces to install. The instructions were too long to read, and quite frankly they took too much time to learn. Sometimes they were just outright confusing that we made up our own rules to play them. However, in today’s era, the digital world has overcome the traditional gaming nuances of the past. A fun set of games called Blinks was invented by Move38, and it gives with it a whole level of new experiences.


What is a Blinks? Well it is a game that encompasses the experiences of tabletop gaming. In a box there are six blinks. The blinks use a flickering light motion to relay information. There is flickering fun as well as brain cranking puzzles to be solved and had fun with. Each blink is so smart and unique, because it knows how to play its own game and can teach it to other blinks nearby. By using on the blink, they light up and show you colors. You can attached and separate blinks as needed to direct a command or break a command.

The Corona virus came into our lives late December 2019, but has really made its full blown impact in March 2020. We’ve heard all about it. In fact, it’s the most talked about virus in the world and it has hit every nook and cranny of our lives. From being declared a national pandemic disaster, the world took it very serious. Rules of social distancing and proper sanitation practices came even more into play. Six Feet Away is a great company that embodies fashion and staying safe in a fun and creative way.

Social Distancing Taken Seriously

My favorite aspect is being bold about their products. They are meant for representing to be socially aware of your surroundings. Social distance, use soap, and hand sanitizer whenever you can and as often as you can. Clean your hands. Wash your hands. The virus is here to stay and might as well learn to adapt accordingly. With the company Six Feet Away, they created cute fashion accessories to help alleviate the boredom of average hand sanitizing accessories.