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Do you have a gamer in your life, who is always in need of a new controller, then I have the best one I have been using, the Fusion wired controller for xbox 1.

Premium components to create a pro controller that will meet the performance needs of today’s gaming enthusiast. From metallic accents and rubberized grips to ALPS thumbsticks, anti-friction rings, and metallic Pro Pack paddles – the quality comes thru.

Haptic feedback from magnetic impulse triggers will enhance the realism of the trigger feel in shooters and racing games. Dual rumble motors make Action/Adventure and Sports games much more exciting, and keep you immersed in the world you are exploring. Feel the game! Personally, I like this controller much more than the plastic of the standard Xbone controller, but I haven't owned the Fusion long enough to truly evaluate the overall build quality. The magnetic faceplate is easy to remove and stick swaps take less than 30 seconds, which is fine since I don't change stick configs very often.


The controller comes with one domed stick and a longer version of the stock sticks and I haven't experienced any stick-drift through about 20 swaps. The three-way trigger stops allow for a short pull and quicker non-automatic fire rate in shooters, and they are smoothly integrated into the design of the controller making it difficult to accidentally adjust them during a game. The paddles are sensitive but you get used to them in about 4 hours of gaming. They can be removed entirely or individually, and buttons can be assigned to the paddles on the fly giving you customization options specific to your needs.


Are you like us and are always going away, do you worry about hidden cameras being in your hotel room? With things now a days , there are chances that there are and you will never know. 

Thats where scout comes in, a small device that will detect any cameras.  I know your thinking how does this work, simple this will detect the camera lens and give off a red light that will let you know there is one. 


Recently I have been looking for some new wires for my kindle and I phone, we have a dog that has separation anxiety and he seems to chew on my wires, making them not useful anymore. We need wires that won’t be ruined and chewed on, thats where Rockstone comes into play, not only are they pet-proof they are made to last.

Whether you’ve got a cat pawing at your phone cable or a puppy treating it like a chew toy, it’s a nasty habit that could cost you serious cash – and potentially harm your pet. Our tough aluminum braided USB Type C cables provide a solution to all that. Available in two colors and wrapped in lightweight aluminum, they’re the most durable quick-charging cables on the market today.