Holiday season gift ideas for family and friends


The pandemic left us with no option but to spend time with our family and connect with our long-lost friends. It has been hard on many people who lost their loved ones, but on the brighter side, it also made us realise the importance of having friends and family. Therefore, this holiday season is a lot more unique. 


You will spend time with people from different generations; thus, you may feel overwhelmed with what to gift them each. You can never go wrong with things that will help recreate the family bond or ease their chores out of all the gift ideas. This article mentions some helpful gift ideas to reduce your thinking process. Read through and fill the holiday season with love. 


Books for bibliophiles or someone who has just entered the world of reading 

Out of all the things in the world, books are the best gifts for people who love to read. You may have some family members or friends who are into reading books. Someone may have just started reading and is looking for good books for his collection. For example, you can gift inspirational Christian books, fictional, motivational, horror, or detective and mystery. You can choose from different genres, whether what they like or something that puts forward your thought. 


Family Picture Puzzle 

If you want to ditch gifting individuals of the family and present a collective something to the whole family, you should choose a family picture puzzle. Choose a picture that depicts a happy memory and takes you all back to a good time. Depending on your budget and the family, you can pick 1000 pieces of the unknown or less/more. If you have little kids in the family, it is better to go with fewer pieces and an easy picture to ensure the kids can participate in completing the puzzle. 


Smart Coffee Mug

Do you have someone around who loves sipping on hot coffee, but the work does not allow him the time to have it hot? Do not worry; you can gift them a smart coffee mug. You can find them online or at crockery stores. These smart mugs have a temperature control system, and you can control them via a phone app. Moreover, you can also buy a travel-friendly smart coffee mug. Gift them comfort and watch them glow with happiness. 


Scented Candles 

One of the unique gifting ideas is to give them scented candles. There must be some individuals who would like to indulge in self-care practices like bubble baths, meditation, and more. People use such candles during the meditation and chanting sessions to create a positive environment. You can pick from the various fragrance options and designs. Think of pairing fragrant candles with flavoured bath bubbles. 


Wrapping up 

TV and web series make people think that gifts should always be exquisite. However, that is not the case. A gift holds a personalised thought. It depicts that you thought about a person and then chose something. It does not necessarily have to be very big; instead, it can be an essential thing like a reusable shopping bag. It will ease their shipping experience and help them carry stuff easily. So, think your way through everyday items and make them memorable for your loved ones. 


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