Holiday Gift Guide 2020

South of France Body Care – At South of France we are proud of our French heritage that is blended with an American sensibility. Our all-natural triple-milled bar soap is created using a traditional Marseille recipe—prized for its creamy, moisturizing and high performing lather. Each long-lasting bar is enhanced by one of 12 delightfully unique and complex fragrances, evoking an indulgent and leisurely journey through the South of France where you might pass a market stand filled with freshly-made Provencal honey or sit beneath lush palm trees fanned by the gentle Mediterranean sea breeze….all creating the ultimate pampering yet oh so affordable cleansing experience. Many of the same fragrances also infuse our soothing Hand Wash which, like the bar, is free of harmful chemicals and never ever tested on animals!

Heights Apparel – Let’s be real here, unless you’re a multi-millionaire, some sort of NBA player or other professional athlete, you’re forced to slum it up at the mall like the rest of us. Living a life of a tall person has a plethora of benefits. However, there are inconveniences that make you realize we live in a world of not so tall people. Over the past 20 years, I have heard the same pain points from tall guys all over the country and world when it comes to style, fashion, and clothing. There are zero off the rack options for tall guys. Who in their teens or twenties really find pleated khakis all that stylish and appealing? Anybody? Anybody? Didn’t think so. As a guy who is vain (so what, don’t judge me), I like style. As I grew into my career and began making money, I discovered the power of confidence through a piece of clothing that ACTUALLY fits my body the right way. I know you’ve heard of this mere confidence boost from an article of clothing. Ask any woman who has found those perfect shoes or that dress that hugs her curves just right. The supreme feeling you get when you know you look good, it can elevate you to a whole new level. Superficial? Maybe. But True. For the tall guy, finding that perfect piece of clothing takes extra steps and costs that quickly add up. You buy an item off the rack (usually a couple sizes too wide), take it to a tailor, hope there is enough fabric to recreate the shirt/jacket/pants, go back and forth a couple weeks, and find you aren’t terribly pleased with the outcome, settling for a not so great fit. Often times spending upwards of $150+ for a button up shirt! Seems crazy right? For me it all came to a head in 2015. As usual, I was browsing the stores in search of that item that caught my eye and as is typical I found something I LOVED but of course it didn’t fit in the right areas. Sleeves too short, body too wide, length not right etc, etc. With the emergence of the eCommerce world, I realized that I should start my own label and design the fit of the clothing for other tall guys. That’s where it started. A mere thought. A problem to be solved that, at first, I didn’t realize of which I was so passionate. Over the past two and half years, I have been researching the viability of this business idea, sending out surveys for market research (thank you for all of you that have contributed), approaching random tall guys I see out in public (super creepy and weird–not common for me to do), and observing (sometimes judging–sorry but not sorry) the style choices of many tall guys in public. All signs have pointed to making this a reality. There is a need out there for a lifestyle label specifically designed for the tall guy body. We’re not Big & Tall…we are regular to slim guys that happen to be tall and we need a label that is going to craft apparel that can fit those needs. Heights is here to provide that to the over 2 million males that are 6’3’’ and taller. The goal here is to not only provide options, but to help guys improve how they present themselves to the world! It actually makes a difference in how you feel personally but also how others perceive you. We are designing clothes that reflect the eclectic tastes of our generation, and seek to empower you to #MAKEITHAPPEN in whatever your life pursuits happen to be.

DejaVu Designs – All of DejaVu Design's pieces are hand crafted in the United States. Located on the scenic South Shore, situated between bustling Boston, Massachusetts and idyllic Cape Cod, DejaVu Designs has an ideal, peaceful location where creativity can flourish.

VellaBox – Vellabox is a monthly subscription box that delivers amazing artisan candles right to your door — starting at just $10/month! Visit us at and follow along at

J-Tek Mouse

  • √ ERGONOMIC DESIGN & REMOVABLE PALM REST – Designed to be utilized in neutral “handshake” wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain helping alleviate wrist pain. This mouse comes included with a palm rest that can be easily detached based on the user's preference and convenience.
  • √ WIRELESS MOUSE WITH USB DONGLE – Avoid the hassle of being tied down with a wired or cable, use the include Dongle Transceiver to connect wirelessly to your computer. The mouse is a simple plug and play device, your computer will detect it automatically after plugging into a USB port. (NOTE: THE USB RECEIVER IS LOCATED INSIDE OF THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT.)
  • √ ADJUSTABLE DPI – Switch between DPI levels 800, 1200 and 1600 to adjust mouse responsiveness depending on your need and/or preference. Optical Tracking Technology ensures greater sensitivity for precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.
  • √ THUMB BUTTONS – Use the back/forward buttons located near the thumb area for optimum convenience, (button functionality can also be changed and reassigned using a compatible driver or software).
  • √ WIDE COMPATIBILITY & FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT – Compatible with Windows 7/8/10, XP, Vista 7/8 and Linux etc. All J-Tech Digital Products include a One-Year Manufacturer Warranty and free lifetime technical support from our Customer Support Team located in Houston, Texas – Available M-F 9AM-6PM CST – Contact information available on the J-Tech Digital Seller Page.

Minetto Prosecco Wines – Mionetto has been the preeminent name in Prosecco for more than 125 years.  The winery was founded in 1887 by Francesco Mionetto in the small village of Valdobbiadene, located just north of Venice, in the hills of Italy's breathtaking Veneto region surrounded by the dramatic peaks of the Dolomite Alps. Here in the heart of the Prosecco region, Mionetto produces exceptional wines that comprise the best-selling Prosecco brand in America.  

Funny Wine Glasses

Funny Wine Glass

  • ✔️YOUR PERFECT WINE GLASS – Our crystal, stemless wine glass is the best gift you can give anyone, including yourself. It's great for entertaining, Birthday, Christmas (white elephant gift), Housewarming, Hostess Gift, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Bridal Shower, Gift Basket, Bachelorette Party, Valentines Day.
  • ✔️YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED – We understand how how hard it can be to find a perfect gift for someone! So we took the time to design a high quality wine glass along with an elegant box so your gift will leave the recipient in awe!
  • ✔️OUR QUALITY – Our crystal wine glass is made with the highest quality to protect from breaking compared to the lower quality glasses. Its steamless and lead free.
  • ✔️STAND OUT – The humorous quote on the glass will serve as a great conversation starter.
  • ✔️LIFETIME WARRANTY – Love them or we’ll buy it back, no questions asked!

Jonah Box – JoahBox is a subscription box that provides you with Korean beauty products. As a subscriber to their JoahSquad, you will receive 5 to 7 products, including skin and hair care products and makeup. And, to make their product selection even better, they are full-sized products. What I truly appreciate about the JoahBox is that, according to their website, they only utilize products that are cruelty free and “products with the cleanest formulas that respect customers and our ecosystem.”

Rainbow Silverware – End The Rainbow set, not only are they rainbow colors you won’t lose them. They are actually pretty looking if that can be said about silverware. Ever wondered what magical treasure lies at the end of a rainbow? Well wonder no more because our fluffy unicorns have tracked each rainbow down and returned with ‘the end of the rainbow’ collection!

Rooma Leaf – Roma Leaf is a family owned and operated company founded in 2019 in Los Angeles, CA. Our Co-Founder suffered from severe migraine headaches for years, causing her numbness and pain throughout her body. Subsequently, her father had terminal pancreatic cancer and had acute pain and discomfort. Both she and her father were reluctant to use prescription medications due to the many associated side effects and addictions of pharmaceutical drugs. Looking for alternative ways to mitigate pain, led them to discover the positive effects of CBD oil.

Immediately, both she and her father discovered that the CBD oil was the only effective method of relief from their acute pain. After her father passed, our Co-Founder set out on a mission to help others receive the same kind of comfort and pain care management experienced from CBD oil.Her passion led to extensively researching for the highest quality Hemp seed and CBD oil to bring to others suffering from all types of pain. Roma Leaf takes pride in creating products that are 100% organic, non-GMO, and lab tested to ensure the highest quality. All our products contain 0% THC making them desirable to those who want the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects.Our mission is simple. We want to better the lives of our customers by providing the highest quality products with a company our consumers know they can trust.

Peace of Stage – Woodstock’s Magic Can Be Yours. Display Your Own Piece of the Iconic Woodstock Stage…

Own a piece of Woodstock! A piece of the original concert stage, that is. Peace of Stage makes owning a section of the original stage a reality. We found the stage just miles from where it stood during those amazing days of Peace, Love and Music in August 1969 and created the Peace of Stage Collectibles. The Collectibles feature a genuine piece of the stage, memorable poster or fantastic photograph, festival ticket and a Letter of Authentication. We will be adding more Collectibles and Woodstock 50th Anniversary news, so check back often and visit our website.

Wordy Toys – Babies are known to be sponges the first six years of their lives. What is common is to know that all the babbling they do as one year olds and toddlers is actually them creating speech and then learning the speech around them. It is so amazing to have the human brain as easy to mold at that ripe age.

It is definitely even more a shame to waste the crucial learning that can be done even so. To make a child at least bilingual is such a beautiful gift to give them. Since Spanish is one of the most popular languages spoken on Earth, toys from Wordy can help children pick up verbiage even sooner.

Alchemy Skin Care – My ALCHEMY Skin Care is a clean beauty lifestyle and wellness brand created with healthy aging ingredients to help you stay as young as you feel.

Back To Using Candlelight

Illuminations Candles – ILLUMINATIONS was conceived in 1996 from a love of the wondrous atmosphere candles create. From the beginning, ILLUMINATIONS developed only the highest quality candles and home décor products, while promoting and enhancing the use of candles in everyday life. A passionate following of customers were saddened when ILLUMINATIONS closed its doors almost ten years ago.

One of those loyal customers of ILLUMINATIONS in its heyday was Mitch Davis, who had been genuinely enthralled with the company’s ethos, innovative products, and inspirational decorating ideas. Mitch yearned to bring the experience and quality of ILLUMINATIONS back to the marketplace. His desire was enhanced by a belief that in the era of electronic overload and technological wonder with LED lighting, it remains constant that nothing is more compelling and beautiful than natural candlelight.

 ILLUMINATIONS is reborn in 2019 with a renewed commitment to make and sell only the best quality candles and decor. We plan to live our values by giving back to the community through charitable contributions on every candle we sell. And we’ll continue to expand the product offerings—a mix of old favorites and new ideas—over time, with the intention to delight and inspire.

Readers Glasses – Since 2006,™ has been proudly providing unique styles of reading glasses in hard-to-find powers and a variety of lens types, all at prices you’ll love. Each month, we hand-pick new readers to add to our collection in order to stay current with eyewear trends and customer requests. We don't believe in complicated call routing systems and feel strongly the most important part of our business should not reside outside of our walls. This is why all of your calls, emails, and live chats are handled by our team in Greenwood, Indiana. Through the years our focus has remained the same: to help people see more clearly so they can live a happier life.

Calico Critters – Calico Critters is a line of miniature animal figures, with homes, furniture and accessories. The animal figures are unique because they are made of a special flocked material that gives them an endearing quality. They were introduced in Japan in 1985 and are distributed worldwide. Calico Critters are sold as families, with Mothers and Fathers, sisters, brothers and babies. The homes and furniture are quite life-like are have incredible detail. The Critters live in the community of Calico Village. All the citizens in Calico Village have hobbies and jobs. The underlying theme is giving, friendship and happiness. Calico Critters are wholesome, never trendy.

AquaBeads – Create cute animals, characters, ice cream, fruit, a 3D turtle and other amazing designs!

  • Over 1300 jewel and solid beads in 24 colors, tool case with bead palette and layout table, rainbow bead pen, bead peeler, 5 easy trays (heart, bear, rabbit, star, bowl) spayer, 3 double-sided template sheets and instructions
  • Make, Spray and they Stay!
  • Peel your creation in 10 minutes and the beads stay in place!
  • Stack the case with the Beginners Studio (sold separately)

Pet Hair Is Everywhere!

Lily Brush – Use for that impossible to remove pet hair that sticks to car carpets and home upholstery no matter how much you vacuum! Now, with just a few sweeps of the MINI PET HAIR DETAILER, you can remove years of embedded and woven-in fur in no time. Built to last, and easy to hold, with a specially engineered cleaning blade that stays grippy for years and won't harm carpets, fabrics, plastic, wood or chrome in your car, we think this will be your new favorite tool for fighting fur! Great for families with Labradors, Beagles, Pugs, Boxers, Chows, and any sweet mutt with straight, short or wiry fur!

Cherish Your Child's Artwork

Arts & Bricks – We believe that the change we want to see in our world starts with us. So, we've taken a leap of faith and have committed 10% of each sale to non-profits. We're a woman-owned, West Virginia-based company with a heart for our local community.

The Slipcover Company has a myriad of choices when it comes to picking out a cover for your couch or chair. Things that can be customized when ordering from this store are choosing common type colors like: red, blue, natural, tan, white, floral, black, khaki, yellow, green, grey, and brown. Then choosing which type of length; long or short, then a style; like kick pleat or ruffled.

Are you like me? More specifically, do you have the majority of your photos stuck on a hard drive or phone somewhere? And, sadly, I’ve lost a lot of photos when my computer became inaccessible and my phone crashed and never returned to functional status. Well, I’m slowly learning my lesson and trying to be better about uploading photos and having them printed. I’m also just learning about all the things I can do with my photos (in addition to just prints). And, Nations Photo Lab is here to help us all!

Nations Photo Lab was created in 2005 when the founders couldn’t find a photo lab “with the quality, service, turnaround, and price that they wanted” (taken from website), so they created their own company to provide such quality service. Well, based on my experience in dealing with them, my opinion is: they succeeded!

There are a lot of beautiful prints to choose from at Soaring Frog. My print is the Crystal Mist Yoga Leggings, size medium. I am five feet seven inches tall and the pants cover up to my ankles. I could tell that this gear would last me a long time as the microfiber yarn contoured with my body.

Lip Monthly

Lip monthly=Fall is finally here and for me that means not only switching out my wardrobe for warmer clothing, but also changing up a few of my beauty products. Thankfully, Lip Monthly makes it easy with their monthly subscription service that helps me find new products that I have not tried before. The October Bag was full of a mixture of warm and bold colors that can easily take me from day to night. What to see what I received in my bag?


Track Your Lost Items The Easy Way With Chipolo

Chipolo Classic is a bluetooth tracker that connects with your smartphone to help you find your lost items. With just a few simple steps, you

  1. Attach your Chipolo to an item you use regularly like your keychain.
  2. Download the Chipolo app onto your smartphone
  3. Sync your phone with Chipolo and enbale location services.
  4. Press the Chipolo twice or ring it from your app. This will work even when your phone is on silent!
  5. Your lost item is found.

You can even share Chipolo with your spouse, roommate, family, and friends to help you both keep track of items that you share together (ex. car keys, tablet, phones, car, etc.).

Gotrax has one for the little kids and I was so excited to find it. The first hoverboard designed specifically for kids! The SRX Mini has a fun and unique body design and comes in 4 awesome colors.

Featuring self-balancing mode and 6.5″ tires the SRX mini is easy to ride and master. Powered by 150Watt Dual Motors and a 25.2V Battery the Mini can support up to 132lbs.

At only 15lbs the mini is one of the lightest hoverboards on the market and is uniquely designed with 2 built in handles making it easier to transport.

Safely limited to 6mph the mini can go a distance of up to 3 miles per charge and don't forget to always wear a helmet when riding!  Outstanding product especiallly for the price. I ended up buying a 2nd one for my daughter after seeing how much she enjoyed riding on my son’s.


David Nicholson Reserve


  • An extra-aged “ryed” bourbon that provides full-bodied flavor and a distinct, spicy taste. Rich scents of honey and vanilla are followed by subtle smoky undertones. Exceptionally smooth to start, followed by woody, smoky overtones, with a long, warm finish with a touch of spice.
  • SRP for 750mL: $34.99

Devon loves Christmas and this year we want to try something new and exciting for him. We have Santa Clothes The Countdown to Christmas doll, where he will be able to help Santa get dressed for his big adventure, Christmas Eve.

From Dec 12 to the 24 we will dress Santa and get him ready for his big day, this will help us keep the tree up, if we put it up to early we end up taking it down because he wants to open his presents and call it a day, While we dress Santa he will know its that many days till he comes and hope this will work. This is the cutest idea and dressing him as a family would be a great tradition.

This year we are going to do something different for the younger kids, we have never done the elf on the shelf but I want to do something different and found the perfect thing. Reindeer In Here, is sort of like the elf on the shelf, but they are able to touch him and carry him where ever they want to go.

Reindeer In Here (book and plush set) is a Christmas friend sent by Santa as an early FIRST GIFT of the holiday season to get to know each child and celebrate that being different is normal. The children are encouraged to take the reindeer plush with them anywhere and everywhere on daily adventures so that it can learn about the uniqueness of each individual child and help Santa deliver their true Christmas wishes

High-quality Reverse Karma incense sticks are available in amazing scents such as Love, See, Do, Accept, Speak, Feel and Be. I love purifying the air with these incense as essential oils and herbs contain antibacterial properties.

Using incense will undoubtedly change your life, but you should always practice safety when burning them. Be sure to light them in well ventilated areas, keep them away from flammable items and never leave them unattended by kids or pets.

The holidays will be here before we know it, and the shopping will be happening soon. The younger kids have been asking for a phone, they want to be like everyone else. I won’t buy them a iPhone but I have been looking for something they can use and do the same thing we can , Nokia 3 V is the perfect phone for them, it does all we do and more.

Doughp – We’re a dessert experience scooping up edible, bakeable, and ridiculously tasty cookie dough. Find us at Miracle Mile on The Strip (by Chipotle), or order your dough online at Hear from our Founder, Kelsey, on how she wound up opening a cookie dough biz!…

“While I spent (and enjoyed!) nearly a decade in high-tech product marketing before starting Doughp, my one true love is dessert. It's a toss-up if I like baking more or watching other people enjoy what I make!

Coral UV – One of the Coral UV creators, Titus, first envisioned this product when he learned he was going to have a child of his own.

As a new parent, Titus was concerned about the safety and well being of his child. He knew that he needed something to help disinfect germs or sterilize items the baby would use. He began researching what was available on the market.The only affordable options he seemed to be able to find were steamers, which only cleaned items that could get wet, and disinfectant wipes, which would not work on anything the baby puts into their mouth.At that moment, he realized that something had to be done, and Coral UV was born.

Cream Whipper

I love cream on top of everything! Most of all I love cream on top of my pies and lattes. What comes sad is when I go to the grocery store and cannot find any whip cream cans left. The whip cream in a tub is very hard to use. Its cake and the spread makes the pie break. Or it leaves a big clunk of cream in the middle of my coffee, just floating there! The whip creams that can in a canister are the best since they can be whipped real quick with some air and pressure. Then you get a yummy foamy type cream that is smooth, cold, and creamy. What I discovered to never have the problem of running out of whip cream, was to have my own cream whipper.

.Sandwich Cutters for kids has eight cute shape cutters and 5 smaller vegetable and fruit cutters. These cutters include: a flower, a dog, a heart, a dinosaur, a star, an elephant, a butterfly, a bunny, and our beloved Mickey Mouse! My own children really enjoy making fun sandwiches that had different shapes. It was just a simple ham and cheese sandwich, but because the shapes were hearts, they had a bigger desire to eat their meal quicker and become more satisfied.

A Beautifully, Unique Gift

We all get tired of the same old gifts, so, of course, we’re all looking for unique gifts to give.  You want their faces to show how happy and excited they are when they open the gift.  Giving a loved one something unique not only shows them that they’re important, but it also says how much you love them.  Finding something unique can take time, but let me help you with a great suggestion!  How about a StarCharm Necklace to show how unique your loved one is?  StarCharm gifts have an actual astrological map to define how the person you love is a “one of a kind”.  Well, we all are because there is only one of each of us.  It’s as unique as our fingerprints!

Who Doesn't Love Karaoke?

We all love singing, even if we only do it in the shower.  As a matter of fact, some of us (including me) are a little scared to sing in front of others.  That’s what makes this Carpool Karaoke (by The Singing Machine) perfect.  First of all, you don’t have to sing in front of anyone…unless you want to.  You simply use it in your car (of course, not while driving!).  The passenger can sing until their little heart is content on the radio in your car.  I was so excited when I received mine!  I don’t know if you’ve seen the “Carpool Karaoke” show, but if you haven’t, you need to check it out.  It’s pretty darn funny and entertaining.

On the Rocks Jams has lots of great flavor combinations! There are a total of eleven great flavors. The rest of these yummy delicious flavors are: raspberry mimosa, strawberry daiquiri, watermelon lemonade margarita, strawberry margarita, peach mango moscato, peach bellini jam, aloha screwdriver, night in pearis, the big apple, and patron paradise. One thing they all have in common is that they are all very delicious. I just love waking up to know that I am able to grab a jar, which come in three different sizes; small, medium or large. Then, enjoy an adult beverage in a literal and nonliteral way! LOL! Just make sure to pop them in the fridge once they have been opened to make them last. Eating the jams cold is just the way I like it.

When we were growing up our mom had a green thumb, she had so many plants and they all grew to be these beautiful plants, now my sister and I have a black thumb we can’t keep plants alive and we have tried.

That where the Airplantman comes in, these are air plants and do not need all that extra love like other plants to do and I feel this we can keep alive better, When we recived it came in a beautiful vessell made from homemade ceramic, and the air plant wired up. This is perfect and fits with our decor.

BodyMark by BIC is a revolutionary new product that is gaining a lot of attention! Featuring cosmetic-grade inks, these temporary tattoo markers were designed specifically for use on the skin.

They were developed in partnership with world-renowned tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini who holds the title of Global Creative Director and Brand Ambassador for the line. With BodyMark by BIC, you can make a style statement for any occasion without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.

These are fun to use and I have had a great time using these and making fun tattoos for the family, and the best part they can be washed off and its not permanent. They glide on your skin just like a big pen and they are easy to use.

When it comes to younger kids, we are always looking for some new and exciting books. They love to read and better than that they loved to be read too. We try and read to them every night at least two books, they love them all so it’s easy to choose.

Simon & Schuster has sent us an array of books to read to them, and they are all perfect for the boys and girls, reading is something we can do as a family and spending time together is the best.


Nextbase is a dashcam.In the event of an accident, the dashcam will alert the emergency services to your location thanks to it’s high accuracy GPS. The alert instantly sends your personal medical data such as blood type and medical history to paramedics to aid in the rescue.

Record your journey on the road with a 1080p/60fps HD dash cam with the highest quality images of everything that happens to you on the road. View and share footage using the free MyNextbase cloud storage. All Nextbase cameras are equipped with night vision to record the road at anytime of day.

HappyPopSox has a huge selection of socks, so there’s something for everyone on your list. While looking around the site I found the perfect set for him, food since he loves food, why not get him socks that have food on them, they are perfect pizza, tacos, eggs, and doughnut all the things he loves to eat and more.

Another awesome thing is they sell gift boxes, this is perfect for any gift-giving reason, everyone loves socks and picking out the perfect ones will be easy, The food series all feature some kind of food, wearing these will slip you into a happy mood, make you smile all day long.

All the socks are made by texture and tight-knit combed cotton, softer and stronger. The imitate-hand stitch technique results in a seamless thread joints and rigid and durable toe-caps

Airhook 2.0 Must have travel accessory

We all know that with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, that many of us will be traveling. Traveling can be stressful. Thankfully, there are a few tips and accessories that can help alleviate some of the stress. One of my new favorite travel accessories is the Airhook 2.0.

The BURST sonic toothbrush is the perfect gift for anyone.

This unique sonic electric toothbrush comes in black, white or beautiful rose gold.  It features black charcoal bristles which help naturally whiten teeth. The bristles are long, thin and tapered and designed to clean hard to reach areas better.

It is extremely powerful at 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. It has a teeth WHITENING mode, sensitive mode and gum massage mode. it has a super strong lithium battery that lasts a minimum of four weeks and charges via USB charger.

Been using this now for a while and I have seen the difference in the way my teeth look, doesnt take up much room and I charge it once a week, just to keep it full. I have sensitive gums and this feels so great on them and the massage mode is perfect for a simple massage

Are you still trying to get those last minute gifts done, and can’t find that gift for the man in your life. I know some guys that work outside for a living, and I needed to find that perfect gift that they can use. We love Lugz there is something that the whole family will love.

This year we have been helping one of our nieces, shes had it hard and she asked me if I can find her dad something. We have no issues with that, I went on Lugz and found the perfect shoe +/sneakers for him and he can use them to work too. MEN’SDOT.COM 2.0 SNEAKER  can be worn as casual shoes too. Perfect for working outside and as a fashion statement. Can be used with jeans or khakis, depending on what they want to wear

The Air Bonsai is the new way to add live plants to your home! It is a magnetic floating pot (you can tell your friends it's magical), where you can plant any type of plant or flower- the classic plant would be a bonsai tree (a miniature version of a large tree), but it's all up to you. When connected to a power source, the Air Bonsai rotates at 360 degrees, completely in the air!

Theres no better way to show off , your favorite team then some then these. Proudly show everyone who your favorite team is, Foco has so many great things   purses , slippers and so much more there is something for everyone . Holidays is coming  fast  and shopping for , someone who loves sports will be a breeze. With so much and all the sports teams this is the perfect gift to give. 

Every little girl loves unicorns but have you heard of Zoonicorn. There are 4 touch points and I love that the horn lights up. Your child can blow a kiss and make a wish. When they touch the nose and blow a kiss and other things, his horn goes on










Recently I was able to try out Black Crow Vodka, Black Cow is the only vodka made entirely from grass-grazed cows milk, which results in an exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique creamy character.  Black Cow is easily sipped at room temperature. Perfect in any long drink or cocktail.

Most vodka is made from grain or potato whereas Black Cow is uniquely made entirely from milk. The vodka is triple filtered and finished before being hand bottled. The vodka has no additives or flavorings, is gluten free and is suitable for those with lactose intolerance, as all the milk sugar (lactose) has been converted into alcohol.

This is something that I was so pleased to try, a smooth vodka that goes down perfectly, the taste is different and has a creamy character to it, but all in all its a better tasting vodka to me. 

Grandaddy Mimm’s Moonshine is a craft distiller based in Blairsville, Georgia. While many companies jumped on the moonshine bandwagon, very few have a story like Grandaddy Mimm’s. Jack “Mimm” McClure was a notorious moonshiner in Northeast Georgia from the 30s through the 60s. When it became legal to make white whiskey – or moonshine – Mimm’s grandson, Tommy Townsend, used his grandfather’s recipes to make Grandaddy Mimm’s Moonshine. To date, there are nine products produced using Mimm’s exact recipes…only legally and under controlled conditions!One thing some people don’t realize is you can make just about any mixed drink using moonshine, such as a margarita, cosmopolitan, mule, bloody mary, etc 

Shot box is a monthly subscription , of tiny bottles of different brands of booze. What better way to taste something different every time. 10 different liquors from 4 different distilleries, each paired with a unique recipe to make.

Dollar Tree Tea, a subscription box with loose leaf tea. Ray loves his tea and this has been the best for him. There are so many different flavors.

While our blends ingredients stay the same, the taste can be noticed in the leaves that make up the base of the blends.

Loose Leaf done right, every time. All of our teas are either flavored naturally by the ingredients they contain (such as strawberries, melon pieces, etc) some have added natural flavoring.


Recently I had the chance to try Rogue spirits, an 80 proof single malt whiskey. I can say it was a smooth tasting whiskey going down. This is crafted from the same exact malts as the ale is. This is aged for 2 years and gives dark cocoa, coffee and caramel tones to it.

We dont drink much but having a glass and celebrating the lives of my family, I love the taste and how smooth it goes down. Everything they use for both the gins and whiskeys is grown on the Rogue farms.  Distilled in a 550-gallon copper Vendome still, our whiskeys are aged in oak barrels that breathe the cool, moist Pacific air.


just be 1

It’s so fun for little girls to doll themselves up and feel great about looking fabulous. Little girls love to feel pretty, and play with accessories, makeup, clothes, and shoes. I know I did when I was little. Looking up to my mom who was a fashionista was so much fun. Since the holidays are coming upon us, why not allow your little girls to make their own cute bracelets? Just Be has a very fun charm bracelet making kit. Hey, I would want one for me and I am an adult!

When it comes to getting some a gift, I tend to get something they are going to use and need, I dont like getting something that will sit and collect dust. I know I have a lot to do with choosing the right gifts.

My sister in law loves cute things, so when I saw these three things I knew they were perfect for her and her gifts this year. This butterfly necklace will go perfect with whatever shes wearing.

Kitty Poo Club – Kitty Poo Club delivers our exclusive disposable litter box to you every month with free shipping. Each box comes pre-filled with odor-destroying litter designed to last 30 days.

Blend Jet, the perfect blender for those on the go, I personally love smoothies and this is small enough that I can take it with me places. 6 pcs blades and strong motor system make it a powerful functions, you can make juice, baby supplementary food, milk Shake even amazing smoothie. It doesn’t leave chunks of fruit and no noisy like traditional blenders

Rechargeable & portable – the USB juicer cup comes equipped with a built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by Power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phones or other USB devices

And the clean up is easy, the bottom comes out for simple cleaning, just make sure the plugs out first.

Wellness- We spoil our fur babies and the one snack we can trust is Wellness, they always have a variety of some great snacks and food for our fur babies. 

Crunchy wellness bars are perfect for the holiday,they are made from all natural products . And are bite size thats perfect for our babies. They come in both crunchy and chewy and come in 5 flavors. 

Lets not forget about our cats, they have some great treats for then too, Holiday kitties, a tasty crunchy cat treat, perfect for spoiling your kitties for the holidays, All these are perfect for your fur babies, spoil them this holiday season. 

Axol the Axolotl is a cute salamander. Axol is an rare species of salamander native to Mexico, and the main character in our series of children's storybooks. Sadly, Axol and their friends are endangered, but there's still time! 

All our products are eco-friendly, ethically produced, and sustainable. Oh, and did we mention adorable? Here you can shop limited-edition plushies, pins, and storybooks among other cute things. 

 These little creatures are quirky, silly, and have amazing regenerative abilities. Axol is adventure ready, fun for all ages, soft and cuddly and even meets all governmental regulations for cute plush toys!


HealthyBud, treats are the perfect treats for our fur puppies. These treats are made from pure Sweet Potato, this treat is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals.

Artisinally made and slowly baked, these treats are chewy and can be torn apart easily

Our dogs went crazy over them, they couldnt get enough of them. They wanted more. 

As a part of our simple-ingredient line, these treats are crafted around transparency and quality; we keep it simple. No more confusion about what’s in the bag! There are no artificial additives, and definitely no filler ingredients (when we say pure, we mean it). This delicious, human-grade sweet potato is sourced from North America, and gently baked in Canada for your pet to enjoy.

Healthybud’s Sweet Potato Chews are a natural source of vitamin A, and a powerful antioxidant that helps in the prevention of disease and infection. The high amounts of dietary fiber also helps to improve digestion.


LEGO Friends Olivia’s Hamster Playground 

The younger kids are always asking us for a hamster, when I found this toy I knew it would be perfect in showing them what its like to care for a hamster. And they love it, they spend hours and hours playing with this. Maybe one day they can get a real one but until then this will have to do. 

Build a clever spinning hamster wheel and wow the LEGO Friends Heartlake crowds with your amazing performing pets!

As always, the directions are awesome and offer step by step instructions. The Lego brand and quality is second to none. A timeless classic that lives on year after year. They simply never grow old. 

Legos is one of their favorite toys and adding this to their collection is perfect. 



When it comes to our family, we love to get together and have a couple of drinks. Our bar is always stocked with different kinds of drink mixes something, for every ones tastes.


Has a shimmery appearance, a medium-weight, lushly textured body and an enticing floral bouquet with light spicy notes. The longer you let it breathe, the more intense and alluring the aromatics become. The smooth, warm entry quickly bathes the palate with dry herbaceous flavors that soon give way to the long, spicy, fresh citrus fade.


The holidays are always the hardest and worse for us, we miss our parents and sister and basically all our loved ones in heaven. Finding something special is what I wanted to do this year, and I found it with Memorial Angel Christmas Ornament.

This is the perfect thing and I was able to put Daddy, Mommy, Alysia on it as something special for us to have and keep always. Its prettier in person.

acrylic paint, glass ornament, metal cap

3 1/4 inch Hand painted glass ornament with an angel. Above the angel is hand lettering “In Memory”. I personalize each ornament with names and/or datesWebsite

Rockin' & Roastin' Coffee

We love coffee , my husband always says the first cup is the best. He loves trying out new and exciting  Whats different about Rockin & Roasting, is  that this is a organic coffee something we have never tried before, and if I can say its great. 

We offer four delicious roasts for the coffee lover:

Sumatra Dark Roast; Ethiopia Dark Roast; Espresso Dark Roast and Guatemala Medium Roast. 

Each roast is carefully cultivated through the “shade grown” technique. We're proud of our sustainable methods and our commitment to producing delicious, organic coffee

All these coffees are great we havent tried the expresso one as of date but we are planning to order it soon. 

You can order a single order or join the coffee club and have one delivered to your door monthly its all up to you. 


This is an adorable story about a family of Finnish Lapphunds (more affectionately called Lappies). The family of dogs find out that some of Santa’s reindeer are missing—all of them (except Donner and Rudolph) have disappeared into the Northern Lights.  Santa sends Donner to ask the family of Finnish Lapphunds to help find the missing reindeer. Santa also wants them to learn how to pull Santa’s sleigh in case they would need to stand in for the missing reindeer to help Santa deliver his Christmas gifts.

The Book Is More Than Just A Story

I won’t give it away and spoil how the story continues or ends. However, I will say this book is full of surprises and learning opportunities. To start off, the author introduces the reader to the breed of Finnish Lapphunds and provides some interesting, educational details to teach the reader about this special breed. The author even provides pictures of the real-life Lappies that the book’s characters are based on—and I must say they are all absolutely adorable.