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Home Improvement Items Every College Student Should Have


Home improvement items are essential for students moving into an apartment or student housing unit. As a college student, you will discover that paying someone for simple repairs is costly compared to having your tools and tackling household jobs yourself.  If you want to be in great shape, you should consider having the following tools.

Home Improvement Items

Here are the essential tools to have around for minor repair and maintenance.

1. Quality tape measure

You may need accurate measurements for your curtain windows, center your pictures on a wall to be more advanced, or maybe you have come across digital marketing for furniture, and you want to ensure that it fits before making an order. A tape measure would make a great gift as a home improvement item for whatever measurements you may have. It is the best tool to ensure everything fits and sits the way it should.

2. Hammer

It is an important item when it comes to generating forces and leverage. A college student can use a hammer to drive or extract nails from surfaces or hang pictures on walls. Well, there are different sizes of a hammer. A lightweight and a big hammer. It is better to have a light hammer such as a pin hammer that help in driving nails into tacks and panels and a claw hammer that extracts nails from a piece of wood or other surfaces.

3. Screwdriver

The screwdriver will be your to-go tool more than you may realize for any loose screw. Maybe you want to tighten the screw on a cabinet knob, bathroom door, or your bed is loose. Be sure to get the help you need when using a screwdriver to prevent failure or long-term damage.

4. Utility Knife

A utility knife is a great tool to have in the home toolbox. This knife helps in cutting jobs, such as cutting shelf papers, drawer liners, or even opening boxes. It is best for jobs that are too difficult for a pair of scissors, like cutting or trimming an item that needs to be sliced perfectly. A utility knife is versatile, as you can fully extend the blade for heavy-duty projects or restrict it to a tiny point.

5. Pliers

In 2020, I had an issue with my sink the previous day before school. I had no option to handle it because I never had any home improvement items. I was called from my class the next day as I was writing a report to go and fix my sink drainage. I had to get a student to write my lab report for me as I looked for an expert to fix it. Well, to have home improvement items like pliers is as important as saving you a great deal as a college student. It helps extract anything stubborn like a nut and fix your sink drain or showerhead when you are in need.


Final Word

As a college student, no one wishes to spend a lot of money hiring someone to help repair and fix minor jobs. Instead, you can arm yourself with the above tools for emergency purposes. Be sure of getting safe in tackling most minor jobs on your own without using a penny.

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