A home office is one place that you would want to be comfortable, and it should reflect the design of the rest of your house. With this in mind, there are some essential features that you should consider implementing in that home office. Despite the time that you spend at home, the office should be a comfortable place where you can work efficiently. 


Here are some 2020 home office designs that you should consider implementing.

Picking the Right Chair and Desk

The right chair and desk for your home office is an essential aspect that you must consider when designing your office. Pick a wide desk where you can place your computer and all other office amenities that you require. There are numerous desk designs that you can choose from; consider having a desk that is at least 130 cm wide. Besides, you should also invest in a comfortable chair that you can easily adjust. A good office chair should protect your neck and back regions; therefore, it would be advisable to pick this unique choice considering that your back deserves to be pampered. It's quite simple, you spend most of the time in the office, on that chair. You should, therefore, invest in an accessible chair that will empower you to perform your best. If your looking for the best office chairs then head over to Office Monster, and see for yourself why people are talking about them. 

The Office Color

Most people often color their offices beige, and the color appears to be outdated. Consider getting an office color that will motivate you to work harder. Some people prefer a cheerful color such as lime green or orange, while others would prefer a calming shade such as seafoam blue or botanical green in their offices. Pick a color that motivates you to work even harder.

Pick Some Home Like Appliances

Consider having some new appliances in your office that creates a comfy feeling. Accessories such as a decorative wastebasket, a colorful mug, a pencil holder, and some sticky notes might make your office appear homier. Hide that pragmatic bookshelf behind the curtain, and you can also wrap those bulletin boards using attractive fabrics. Besides, consider hanging some inspirational pictures on the wall or the family photo; this will motivate you when working.


Ensure that you leave enough space where you will be comfortable working. There should be room for moving, sitting, and standing in the home office. Most people tend to underestimate the amount of room they require, and they end up regretting it. Your office is your safe haven; make it as comfortable as possible.

The Right Technology

Your office computer, printer, or that phone might be hard to beautify, although you can hide those cords that run across the office. To begin with, ensure that you place all electrical equipment near power sources; this way, it would be easier to either or unplug equipment. Besides, it would help if you considered casing the cords in a cord cover and then feeding the wires into a metal or plastic cap. This way, you will hide the cords underneath your desk and would reduce the possibility of having an accident. Consider taming the cords using cord winders, wire organizers, or with a tube that's fitted onto the desk; this way, your home office appears more presentable. 

Consider the Location

Offices that are incorporated in people's homes come in different sizes and shapes. You might want to place your office, in a quiet corner or in that portion that's adjacent to your bedroom. When looking for the right place to set up your office, consider the time and place you would fancy working. If you are a professional, consider setting up that office at a location that's away from distractions. However, if you are a mom, you should find a kitchen desk as your command post.

Place the office equipment either Vertically or Horizontally.

Most office spaces are tiny; therefore, you might have to economize the available space. Install some floating shelves on the wall, where you can place office equipment and volumes of paper. Also, consider installing vertical file folders that will keep vital information at an arm's reach. If you wish to have piles of papers, consider having a basket where you can place all the junk mails. If you prefer clean desks, consider assigning one drawer for tasks that you intend to accomplish. Metal cube and wooden drawers appear more attractive than bookshelves, considering that you can place a variety of items in the drawers. 


Generally, a home office should be an attractive place, and you should make it more presentable. The above home designs will make your office appear homier hence you will be motivated to work harder. Consider implementing one of the above plans in your office and transform that workstation.


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