Home Remedies for Treating Hair Loss in Canada


If your hair has been falling out lately, and you have been googling up and down for the best hair loss treatments in Canada, then this is the perfect article for you. Needless to say, losing hair can have a negative impact on your overall life. 


To prevent this, or encourage more growth, you should know how to treat your hair at home, to achieve the best results. Forget about expensive treatment regimens, you can use what you have at home to prevent your hair from falling out. 


Here are the best home remedies for treating hair loss in Canada: 



  • A high in protein diet


Remember, protein plays a significant role in the growth of your hair. There are instances where hair growth occurs due to protein deficiency. Foods like eggs, beans, lean meats, and nuts will help your hair flourish. 



  • Including zinc in your diet


Because zinc helps with a majority of processes in the body, it is no surprise that it plays a crucial role in the growth of your hair. 


It strengthens your hair follicles and helps in nourishing your hair. According to numerous research studies, zinc is needed for proper hair growth. However, it works well with a combination of other treatments. 



  • Using saw palmetto


The fruit of a small palm tree produces this herbal remedy, which is considered a hair growth wonder drug. Saw palmetto works in male pattern baldness because it keeps testosterone from breaking down. This remedy works well in combination with other hair loss treatments. 



  • Adopting aromatherapy


Thyme, sandalwood, lavender, and rosemary oils have been used to treat hair loss for centuries. By rubbing one or two of these oils into your scalp for a total of two minutes every night and wrapping your head in a warm towel then you will motivate your hair follicles and pave way for hair growth.  



  • Increasing your iron intake


Apart from protein, iron is also a nutrient in the body that promotes the growth of healthy hair. Iron sources like spinach. lentils, turkey, and white beans should be a common part of your diet. A majority of manufacturers also fortify their foods with iron, meaning they have added iron to these foods. 



  • Increasing your green tea intake


Green tea is known to work on a number of conditions including hair loss. This is because it comes with a compound called ECGG (Epigallocatechin Gallate).that promotes hair growth. A cup of green tea a day promises slow but sure hair growth. 



  • A proper hair care routine


In some cases, you can prevent hair loss by changing your hair care routine. Just remember to wash, dry, and gently brush your hair. Do not yank it. Additionally, limit your use of hot rollers and curling irons. Also, do not use tight ponytails as this will cause hair breakage. 



  • A scalp massage


Neglecting your scalp is never a good idea. This simple act could help encourage hair growth because a massage will stimulate blood flow to the scalp. 


According to a scientific research study, men who massage their scalp for a total of four minutes a day, often end up with thicker hair. You simply need to use your finger to massage your scalp in circles or use massage devices that are available online or in drug stores. 



  • Using pumpkin seed oil


Research studies state that pumpkin seed oil helps with hair growth. When men who had a history of male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia were put through a study where they took 400mg of pumpkin seed for 4 days, for a period of six months, and they experienced a 40 percent increase in their average hair count. This occured when the men were not taking any other type of hair supplement. 



  • Keeping stress at bay


Did you know that going through a hard time can sometimes lead to hair loss? With techniques like deep breathing, relaxation, and meditation, you can always keep stress at bay. These tips will help you ease tension and equally keep the hair that was to fall out, on your head! 



There are many causes of hair loss, the most common being aging or male and female pattern baldness. Eating a nutritious diet prevents hair loss and prevents your hair from getting to this point. 


In addition to these home remedies, remember not to use accessories like hair bands and clips that can cause breakage, limit the use of relaxers and hair dyes. Even if you are on a good, hair-luscious diet, but still indulging .

in these things, your hair will fall out.

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