The homeright steam machine is a powerful steamer to clean tough and hard to reach areas. I was given the chance to do a review on the steamer. I was very happy to say yes. I have another brand steamer so I wanted to see what the differences are. The 129 volt steam machine has attachments needed to soften wallpaper for easy removal, or clean and sanitize those tough to clean areas like showers, ovens, stove tops, sinks, toilets, and barbecue grills.

The concentrated blast of the steam loosens even the most stubborn stains. I had put beige grout in my kitchen thinking it would hide the dirt. The grout is one of the hardest places to clean in a house. Well, that's how I feel anyway. This powerful steam machine help clean the grout without any scrubbing. The only difference I have found from the on their one that I have is that it comes with different attachments and accessories.
To use just fill the reservoir with distilled water, and within minutes it will be ready to use. The locking pistol grip handle at the end of the 8-Feet hose releases steam at over 200 Degrees Fahrenheit. Steam can be directed through any one of the six attachments that come standard with the Steam Machine: wallpaper steam plate, floor steam mop with cleaning cloth, brass brush, nylon brush, jet nozzle, or squeegee. In addition, every Steam Machine comes with extension tubes to increase your reach, a measuring cup and funnel, and two adapter that hold the attachments. The two built-in wheels make it easy to move as needed. The Steam Machine holds up to 40 fluid ounces of water and delivers steam for as much as 45 minutes. Pressurized safety cap protects the user from injury.

The homeright steam machine tackled the hardest area to clean in my house. Which is my grout. I would recommend this steam machine. This would make a great Christmas gift. For more information click here.


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  1. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I would clean my car and boat with it.

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