When my uncle was in his last stages of cancer, he had hospice nurses at the house daily, they took care of his needs and helped out my cousins and my aunt. They can be in-house or they can be inpatient care, they are the ones who help the people who have less than 6 months to live. Remembering my uncles nurse on the last day of his life, she was the sweetest lady, gave all of room to be with him. We were talking to him and holding his hand and at one time my sister was leaning down talking to him. Going through this is hard enough, but when someone has that much love and compassion it makes it so much easier. He had slipped into a coma state the night before and we stayed with him all day,  holding his hand and he squeezed mine and my sisters. The nurse came to us and told us he's lucky to have all this love. Yes we were lucky to have him, Miss you Uncle Russell xoxoxoxo

No one ever really thinks about what you would do or want until they get sick. knowing people who work for hospice, I know a little more about it. We do have choices. we all have them when facing a life-limiting illness. By choosing hospice is not ‘giving up.’ You can find out all of the facts about hospice, advance care planning tips, understanding grief, and caregiver stress. Hospice is there to help with you and your loved ones dealing with illnesses. Hospice can help you at home or in a facility. I also have a family member that has hospice come help him on a daily basis. They help with the pain management, help relieve family while they are there. They also help determine if your loved one is in pain and an increase their medicine. Hospice has been in existence for more than 40 years. Professionals still need the basic need for information about hospice, advance care planning, care giving and grief. For more information click here.

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