When I am down the one candy I love is cool mints, they are also the go-to candy at the movies, its something about that cool minty flavor that makes me want more and more.

What if I told you that you could get junior mint hot cocoa, yes you read it right Tootsie Roll has made some of our favorite candies, into some candy flavored cocoa, many flavors we loved and still do. What's so perfect about this cocoa, it's blended with chocolate and that peppermint taste I have grown to love, like I am eating a box of them as I sip my cocoa.

Smooth and cool flavor going down and I was surprised at the taste, it wasn't overpowering it was just right, now that the weather is getting cooler, it will be hot cocoa time I personally love it all year round, I am always cold sitting in my room.

I'm a coffee kind of girl but I do enjoy hot cocoa from time to time, but this will want me coming back for more. like I said the cool peppermint and the taste of chocolate who can ask for more.

Junior mint cocoa is the answer to my worries, a cup of this makes everything go away. I get lost in the flavors and still want more. They are to be used in a single serving machine. We made ours with milk too and the taste was so good, go out and get some and know why I love this flavor so much.

Creamy hot cocoa and the taste is that of cool mint, nothing better.

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