When your little girl and younger girls start to take a big interest in their nails, this pen would be the easiest thing for them to use. They can make cute designs and have a ball doing it. How many of us have our nails done, I know I use to spend 40.00 for the first time , then 25.00 to keep them up.

Hot Designs Nail Art Pens are a simple to use pen that allows you to create french manicures and all kinds of designs for nail art. It is a kit that comes with a selection of polish pens that allow you to use it as regular polish but also with a fine tip to create nail art designs. It's a combo pen/brush for the polish application.
These pens were very easy to use. I was able to doodle around and make very cute designs on my hands and toes. It makes it very easy having the brushes and pens in one pen. These nail art makes it much easier then using the long skinny Brushes. I like the idea of them being all together. It would prefer if they had more colors.

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