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Hot Straw # Holiday Gift Guide



The next item is the hot straw. They are the only straw that is safe for hot drinks. They are dentist recommended. Reusable and eco friendly. They prevent spills. Help keep teeth white. They are also BPA can enjoy your drinks worry free. They are great for kids and adults. I had tried these straws out. They fit perfectly in the spout of a coffee cup with lid.


The only thing I am having a hard time with is sipping my hot coffee through a straw. The whole idea behind it is great. Especially helping keep the hot liquids from your teeth. You just have to get use to it. It is designed to fit in 12 to 20 fl. Oz. cups or mugs.

5% of all profits are distributed back to the Parkinson’s Research. This is a great cause. For more information click here.



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