The hotel kitchen had sent me products to review. I have never heard of them before but looking up the site, made me very interested. First is the roasts three pepper hot salsa. It's a little spicy but very delicious. Try it on some bruschetta. The heat of the roasted  peppers is balanced by the  lime and cilantro. Use the salsa to add spice to rice or use as topping on tacos. Or just sit back relax have some salsa with tortillas and a cold drink.
The next product is Michigan Summer Chutney Cherry Jalepeno. I used this on my chicken. The taste was out of this world. Definitely added flavor to my chicken. Sweet, yet spicy. Exotic, yet infused with the flavors of home. The beautiful complexities of summer are bottled up for you to enjoy any time of the year, whether you’re adding interest to grilled chicken or contrast to a curry. Just a spoonful is also capable of turning a turkey or chicken sandwich into something special.
We had made some BBQ ribs added the chefs smoker barbecue sauce and they were very yummy.  Having the right smoky-spicy-sweet sauce on hand is like gold. Here, signature ingredients meet a touch of Michigan through the flavors of maple and apple, for a distinctive sauce that pairs perfectly with grilled pork as well as sweet corn and tofurkey.


Herbette dressing. Think of this dressing as your summer herb garden, bottled up for year-round flavor. Enveloping the flavors of five fresh herbs, it’s a classic vinaigrette that enhances nearly any salad, vegetable, fish, or poultry dish. This dressing adds just the right herbs and spices to dress your salad.
Check out all there different products. They have great tastes that dress up your food. For more information  click here.



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  1. Oh these look so good. We need a good BBQ sauce! I bet the chutney was awesome on chicken. Great idea.

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