This was one crazy ride/ game. My sister stayed in the van with my nephew so my niece and brother-in-law and myself went to this one. It's a thrill ride and its 3d with all the sounds and special effects.

Plus you rack up the points killing the crazy things on the screen. The story goes that you are a ghost hunter, and your called upon to watch over the castle. You will then face ghosts, zombies all kinds of creepy crawlers and rapid hounds before the end of the trip.


My brother-in-law made us laugh yelling out faster and cover me im loading, people were screaming because the effects make you feel like things are crawling on you.

This might not be a good thing for small children due to the ride being very dark and you move out of no where and the things blowing and feeling like they are crawling on you. Other wise I loved this and so did the other two.

Heres another fun thing to do in Tennessee

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