We have just cleaned the house from top to bottom; my sister hates when there are dust and cobwebs hanging from anyplace, Her home is always clean. Now that the house is clean, what about keeping it smelling excellent and fresh.

That where  Lampe Berger Paris, comes in they are one of the leading in fragrances. There are so many things to choose from, and the decision was hard. For me I wanted something that would fit in the bathroom, sharing the bathroom with three men is bad enough.

Lavender Mini Scented Bouquet

A feminine and trendy spirit for this mini bouquet parfumé. A pink lacquered glass bottle dressed with a hand-made ceramic flower. Screen-printed Parfum Berger, the bottle is accessorized with a silver ring to ensure the flower's stability. This mini bouquet comes with the Champs de Lavande fragrance, a floral scent with fresh lavender notes. Thanks to diffusion through capillary action, the fragrance is diffused gradually. Pre-filled with the Champs de Lavande fragrance, this mini bouquet will give your interior an energetic and stimulating effect. Find out more: Product benefit: Fragrance guaranteed without coloring, developed in France by master perfumers. Expert tip: Put your mini bouquet in a small room, such as bathroom or bedroom, to optimise the olfactory atmosphere. Diffusion time, roughly 6 weeks with the 200ml refill. Boxed set consisting of one ceramic flower, 1 mini funnel and 1 x 30ml pre-filled glass bottle.


Red Passion Lamp

The result of a new collaboration with designer Rozenn Mainguéné, this fragrance diffuser has a new, generous shape. The lovely sculpted curves are dressed in red, inspired by a sweet candy apple. The body has a silver round mounting which gives it a more contemporary look. A prestigious model right in line with decoration trends.


Far better than any scented candle, Lampe Berger is the finishing touch every home needs to create a romantic and relaxed setting. Not only do they purify the air and eliminate odors, but they also release premium home fragrance crafted by master French perfumers. Additionally, the lamps are stunning décor pieces, available in a variety of styles and colors to match any aesthetic.

Now not only is her house nice and clean, but it also smells beautiful. There are many different infusers to choose from and all kinds of fragrances.  Head on over and see the different ones, they have.

What one would you choose?

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